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Friday 3rd April 2020

Morning everyone, it looks like the sun is trying to come out today.  I've just had a look at Sport Dave's video for week 2 which wasn't there yesterday when I wrote today's activities.  It looks a lot of fun throwing, catching balls against a wall and using a tennis racket with a ball against a wall too.  I'm going to see if I can coax my two teenage girls out of their rooms later to have a go - I'll let you know how I get on - fingers crossed (they don't come out much but have been known to enjoy doing handstands against the wall I have in mind!).

I went to have a little look at how my seeds were getting on this morning and couldn't believe how much the French beans have grown in a day - take a look below.  I also went and picked some daffodils from the bottom of my garden which had self seeded this year from my neighbour's garden - I love daffodils and they really brighten up my living room. 

Well today is the last day of our Spring term and tomorrow is officially the Easter holidays.  We will be taking a break from the Letters and Sounds and Number activities for a couple of weeks but I will put up a  fun activity every day that you could have a go at if you like. Do keep reading and sharing stories regularly at home in the holidays and run through your alphabet/digraph flash cards regularly to keep the sounds fresh in your mind.  I am really enjoying seeing all the things you are doing in your photos and hearing about what you have been up to and I will keep posting new photos and work on our class gallery so that you can all see too.   We have another story going into the story gallery today, this time from Violet who has included pictures with her's too.  I love seeing story pictures as for many of us they tell parts of the story that we can't always include in our writing.  Zain has had had a sneaky peak at today's activities early and has already sent his rainbow in which the whole family made together - take a look!

Have a lovely day everyone.


Letters and Sounds

Recap your digraphs using the link below. 

Now write the digraphs ch, sh, th, ee, oa, oo, ar.

Can you write the words boat, look, soon, car.

Watch the video about spelling the word come - join in with it!

Write one of the following sentences:

Come in.

Come and see me.

Come and look at the book with me.


Have a go at reading and writing some oi words with the Mrs Pryce powerpoint.  You do need to activate the slide show to see the phonemes come up one at a time.  Try writing the words on the third time when the dots appear.

Have another go at playing Viking full circle.  You could play the same one as yesterday or choose a different one.

Number Time

Have a go at day number 5 of "What the Ladybird Heard".  If you play a dice game as suggested, why not throw the dice and say the number that is one more or one less than your number - you can use your fingers to help you if you are finding it tricky.

Make a Rainbow

Since you've been learning at home, you might have seen rainbows in some houses' windows.  People have been making and displaying these to cheer people up as they walk by.  One member of our class has already made one for her window and I thought it might be something nice to do on a Friday afternoon.  It's up to you how you make your rainbow - pens, pencils, paints, collage - use whatever colours you like and as big as you like.  You could put it in you window to brighten people's days or you could put it somewhere in your house or in your scrapbook.  Wouldn't it be nice if we had a rainbow section in our gallery (if you peek in the Class 4 home learning section of the website, you'll see that they have one already - let's see if we can make ours even better!).


If you didn't have a chance to watch PE Dave's video on football skills last week, then do take a look or even do it again and see if you are better than last week.  He has also posted another short video with a cryptic challenge - take a look and start saving!  Go to the "Sport and Keeping Active Home Learning" tab.