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Assembly Ideas Page

Things in the news - Why have some people Pulled Down Statues?

You may have seen in the news people peacefully protesting as part of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. Some protestors pulled down some statues - which some people have disagreed with and others have thought it was the right thing to do. This is a complicated issue - if you would like to think a bit more about this, have a look at this information.

What do you think about this issue now?

What do you think about what the protestors did?

What do you think about historic statues in general?

Can you Rewrite Song Lyrics?

Here are some really good songs that you may know. Watch the powerpoints which will help you think about how the lyrics (the words) could be rewritten.

The Parable of the Lost Coins (Ideal for Class 1 & 2)

Jesus told a story (a parable) about a lost coin to teach his followers a message. Here is the story and some activities - what do you think is the message of the story?

12 May - 200th Anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale

200 years ago today, Florence Nightingale was born on 12 May 1820. She worked with injured soldiers during the Crimean war and when she returned to her home in Hampshire, revolutionised how nursing care treated patients. You might be going outside to clap for NHS staff on Thursday evenings and have thought about what nurses (and other staff) are doing - Florence Nightingale was doing similar things 200 years ago. To find out a bit more, watch this clip which has lots of interesting music too:

Florence Nightingale - 200th Anniversary

8 May - 75th Anniversary of VE Day

VE Day is always an important date in the calendar but this year is the 75th anniversary of this day which marked the end of World War II in Europe. It was a bitter-sweet celebration because there was tremendous relief that the war was over but so many families had lost people during the fighting. However, there were parties and celebrations all over the country where people enjoyed being able to do the things they couldn't do before because of the war. There is a strange similarity to what we are experiencing now and when our isolation ends it might feel a bit like it did for people in 1945 for VE day!


To find out more about this most important day in our history, explore some of the resources below. If you have questions, try to find out the answers and do your own research. 

VE Day - explained for children.

End of the War announcement by Winston Churchill at 3pm on 8 May 1945

Here is a song all about VE Day produced by the 'Horrible Histories' team that you could try to sing along to:

Music ideas for VE Day from Hampshire Music Service

Horrible Histories songs | VE Day lyrics

23 April - St George's Day

St George is the patron Saint of England and 23 April is the day he is celebrated. You probably know the story of St George and the Dragon. Here is a slightly different version which is a nicer story (and appropriate for all ages):

Saint George and the Dragon

The story with the dragon is just that - a story (or myth). The real St George existed and was a Roman soldier who protected others, even when it made things difficult for himself. Taht's why he became a saint. Here is an animation which gives an overview of this history and why he became parton saint of England and lots of other places too.

Saint George's Day Animated History

A Song to sing - 'When A Knight Won His Spurs'

Monday 6 April - Friday 17 April Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays are with us! Easter is the most important time for most Christians around the world - Christmas is lots of fun but Easter has greater meaning. Palm Sunday (which was on Sunday 5 April) starts off a week of different events that are so important that it is called 'Holy Week'.

It starts with Maundy Thursday, where Jesus washed His disciple's feet and tried to talk to them about what to do when He was gone. They didn't really understand but Jesus tried to teach them at the last supper.

On Good Friday Jesus faced a trial where the city elders who didn't like Jesus sentenced Him to death - the Roman Governor went along with it. Jesus had to carry his cross and was made to wear a crown of thorns whilst people laughed at Him. He died on the cross. 

His body was then sealed in a cave (or tomb) until the people could do something with it. On Easter Sunday two women went to the tomb but found the door open. They didn't know what had happened but then Jesus was alive in front of them.


Jesus coming back to life, beating death, was His greatest sacrifice. With it, He gave a message of love and forgiveness for all. 

Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet

The Story of Easter (The Last Supper)

The Story of Easter (Jesus' Sacrifice)

Here is a longer version telling the Easter Story, it's probably better for Class 3 and 4 children as it's a bit more serious.

Animated The Easter Story

And here are some Easter songs you might like to have a go at singing:


I'm a spring chicken


When I Think About The Cross - Also has a craft idea for an Easter Wreath

Monday 30 March - Friday 3 April Assembly Ideas


It's the last full week of Lent this week so you could think about all the things you have learned about saving electricity, water and energy. Over the last few weeks when you have been at home, you have probably got better at saving food and not wasting as much. It's made me realise how much I would normally throw away. Why not draw a poster to remind you of what you've found out.


On Sunday, it is Palm Sunday which is the beginning of Holy Week, leading up to Easter. Palm Sunday was a celebration time, people were gathered to celebrate the Jewsih festival of passover. Lots of people carried on with their parties but many stopped to welcome Jesus as he arrived in Jerusalem. Here are some nice animations that tell this story:

God's Story: Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday remembers the time Jesus entered Jerusalem--and everybody started praising him!

The Story of Easter (The Triumphal Entry)

Here are song songs you migh like to try and sing - you might remember them!

Sing a Song to Celeberate

Sing Hosanna - Give Me Oil In My Lamp

Monday 23 March - Friday 27 March - Week 4 of Our Lent Challenge

It's still Lent - week 4 - so even though you are at home you could think about how we could help the planet more. Our theme this week was to think about the choices we make. Something you could do is find out a bit more about Fair Trade foods.

Amazing Mums Song

With Mothering Sunday just passed, you might like to listen to this song, follow the words and learn to sing!

I Have A Song To Sing

A short song but a nice one that's easy to follow on