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Assembly Ideas Page

Monday 30 March - Friday 3 April Assembly Ideas


It's the last full week of Lent this week so you could think about all the things you have learned about saving electricity, water and energy. Over the last few weeks when you have been at home, you have probably got better at saving food and not wasting as much. It's made me realise how much I would normally throw away. Why not draw a poster to remind you of what you've found out.


On Sunday, it is Palm Sunday which is the beginning of Holy Week, leading up to Easter. Palm Sunday was a celebration time, people were gathered to celebrate the Jewsih festival of passover. Lots of people carried on with their parties but many stopped to welcome Jesus as he arrived in Jerusalem. Here are some nice animations that tell this story:

God's Story: Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday remembers the time Jesus entered Jerusalem--and everybody started praising him!

The Story of Easter (The Triumphal Entry)

Here are song songs you migh like to try and sing - you might remember them!

Sing a Song to Celeberate

Sing Hosanna - Give Me Oil In My Lamp

Monday 23 March - Friday 27 March - Week 4 of Our Lent Challenge

It's still Lent - week 4 - so even though you are at home you could think about how we could help the planet more. Our theme this week was to think about the choices we make. Something you could do is find out a bit more about Fair Trade foods.

Amazing Mums Song

With Mothering Sunday just passed, you might like to listen to this song, follow the words and learn to sing!

I Have A Song To Sing

A short song but a nice one that's easy to follow on