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Tuesday 19th January

Exciting Announcement - Google Classroom!

I have been busy setting up our own virtual classroom using the Google Classroom tool which is super exciting! We will be using this tool for all of our Live sessions from now on (as long as it works!). You will know how much better our assemblies were at school when we used the Google platform rather than Teams, so I'm hoping it will be the same for our class Live sessions. You also don't need a link every time we do another session, you'll just be able to login and click and it will take you to the meeting.

Mr Woolley has sent a document called 'How to Access Google Classroom' to all Class Four parents via Parent Mail. I created this document and have tried to make it as simple as possible for you to use. It tells you what your Username and Password are and how to get onto the Live video sessions. 

This morning, please try and login to the Google Classroom using this document so that you are confident at logging in ready for our Live Pilates session this afternoon at 2pm. You won't be able to experience a Live meeting just yet though as I won't be setting this up until 2pm, but you will be able to get onto the Classroom and see what it looks like. I've put a link below which should take you to the login page.

Any problems, please send me an email at:

Hopefully 'see' you all on Google Classroom at 2pm!

Here is a morning message from Mrs Soley:

Tuesday message


Here is today's PE challenge.


Today I would like you to start by doing your Learn It challenge - give yourself 2-3 minutes to complete it. If you're working from home, then you should have one which I emailed out previously. If you're working in school, you'll need to get this from your tray. If you haven't got one, drop me an email and I'll send one across. Let me know how you get on so I can update it on my tracker and I can send you a new one if you've passed ready for next week. Good luck!

For our Maths session today, we are going to continue working on using the short method to divide. First watch the video for your year group. Then work through the worksheet and check your answers.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the reasoning task below and then check your answers.


Today you will be writing your diary entry in character which you planned yesterday.

Start by reading my diary entry below. Can you work out which character I am and which point in the story I am writing at?

Hopefully you were able to work out that I chose to write as Xbalanque and that I was writing at the point where the twins had refused to play the ball game with the sharp ball and had said they would only play if it was fair.

When I read your diary entry, I should be able to work out who you are and which point in the story you have chosen because of the clues you have given me in your writing.

Now have a go at writing your own diary entry. Remember to look back at your plan to help you with this and, of course, feel free to magpie any ideas you liked from my diary entry.

I look forward to reading your diary entries later.


First watch the video of Mrs Soley reading today’s story which is called ‘The Messy Princess’.

Then have a go at the activity she has set for you:

If you had a brother/sister/friend like Princess Fifi, what would you do with their belongings? Draw a picture to show where you would put their clothes, toothbrush, books etc to teach them a lesson and encourage them to tidy up. You can make it ridiculous but nothing can be destroyed, just eaten.

2pm Pilates Live on Google Classroom

At 2pm, join me on Google Classroom where I'll be doing a live Pilates session with you. Make sure you are wearing something comfortable - it doesn't need to be school PE kit, just something you can do exercise in and stretch in comfortably.