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Thursday 4th March

Good morning Class 2!


Good morning Class 2!


Happy World Book Day! I'm looking forward to seeing you at 10:00 and hearing about your favourite books. I have lots of favourite books so I can't really pick one but I do love the Harry Potter books and have read them all several times! Don't forget you can watch videos of everyone at school reading books today. 


How did you get on with your drums yesterday? Was it fun? I know the children in school enjoyed making them! I look forward to seeing them later when we do our live Music lesson at 2 pm.


Have a lovely Thursday.


Love Mrs Pilgrim x

Today is World Book Day! Let's start by having a look at the World Book Day website. There are lots of fun things to do on here like listening to audio books. At 10am this morning, we would like you to share your favourite book with us on Google Classroom. You could even dress up if you like!

What is your favourite book? Is it a fiction (story) or non-fiction (information) book? You will need your book for our Google Classroom session this morning. We would like you to show us you favourite book and tell us why you like it.

Click on the Book Review below, print it out and fill in the information about your favourite book:

10am Whole Class Google Classroom

We would like you all to share your favourite books with us. Log onto Google Classroom and click 'Class 2'. At 10am, click the 'Meet Link' at the top of the page. Make sure you have your favourite book ready! We would like you to show us your favourite book and tell us why you like it. You could dress up as a character from a book if you like! Remember to join with your microphones turned off. You will all have a turn to talk during the session so you might need a grown up with you to help you unmute and mute again. We are looking forward to seeing you all then!



Year 2:


Today we are learning how to sort 2D shapes and then explain how we have sorted them. Watch the video below then complete the worksheet.

Below is a problem to solve if you need an extra challenge!

Year 1:


Today we will be learning how to sort 2D shapes. Maybe we could sort them by how many sides they have. Or we could sort them by how many corners we have. We could even sort them by whether they have straight or curved sides. Watch the video below and then complete the worksheet.

Below is a problem to solve if you need an extra challenge!

Year 1


Click below for your phonics lesson:

se - cheese

Year 2

Yesterday we learnt about verbs with -ing and the present progressive tense. Today we are going to learn about the past progressive tense. Click on the video below:

Now have a go at this activity:

Whole class Music 2 pm


I will be in our Class 2 area on Google Classroom at 2 pm to teach you a traditional African call and response song called Kye Kye Kule. Below is a sheet with the words on and the track I will be using to teach you but if you want to look and listen beforehand go ahead! Bring along your drums that you made yesterday afternoon as once we have learnt the song we could try and play our drums too! Remember to join with your microphones off and I will let you know when to turn them on. See you there!



Kye Kye Kule

Guided Reading with Red Group 2:25 pm


Red Group I will see you in the Red Group area of Google Classroom at 2:25 pm for our Guided Reading session. Today we will be reading 'I like to play' which I have added to your Bug Club accounts. Please have the book open and ready and as always join with your microphones off. See you there!

Story time with Mrs Miller

One Year with Kipper story