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Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning!


I hope you had a lovely day at home yesterday. Did you manage to get outside in the sunshine? Finley enjoyed his first day home learning. We started with Joe Wicks P.E at 9am, then we played in the garden. After a snack picnic we did some phonics and maths. Then after lunch we did Cosmic Kids Yoga. We tried the Going on a Bear Hunt one which we loved! There are lots of different ones to choose from, you just have to search for Cosmic Kids on YouTube. Here is the link to the one we did:

In the afternoon we found some quiet time to do some reading, then we went for a bike ride around the footpaths near our house. Maybe today you could go outside in your garden or for a little nature walk and look for signs of Spring. We enjoyed spotting birds, insects and flowers! Have a good day!


Love Mrs Sothcott x


Today you will be editing your Mighty Writing. A good way to do this would be to give the harbour scene sheet to someone to look at while you read your description. They can show you any parts of the picture you have missed out, or where you need to add more detail. A tip from me, remember to write about each of these senses - seeing, hearing and smelling. 


Don’t forget to email us your Mighty Writing by Friday, we can’t wait to read it!



Year 1


Today I would like you to again practice using some practical apparatus (beads or similar) to find half of an amount.

You could start by having another practice of what you were doing yesterday.

Then have a go at this ladybird sheet:



There are three different sheets, you can choose which one you want to have a go at. The first one is the easiest, the second is medium and the third is the hardest. Don’t forget to use some apparatus and your bar model again if you need to.

Year 2


Today I would like you to continue learning to recognise equal parts. You can start by following the same link as yesterday and watching the Lesson 1 video again:



Then complete the rest of the worksheet you started yesterday: questions 7-9.

Don’t forget to mark your answers and have another go at some of the questions if you need to!



What is your favourite animal? Have a talk at home about all of your favourite animals. Are your favourite animals similar or quite different? What is it about them that makes them similar or different? 


Watch this PowerPoint together and talk about the different kinds of animals on there. Do you already know some of the group names we use to classify animals?




Now click on the activity below. You can print out both sheets, cut the animals out and have a go at sorting them into the correct groups. Look again at the PowerPoint to help you work out where each animal belongs. You could also look at any animal information books you have at home! If you don’t want to print the sheets, just have a talk about where each animal belongs. Happy sorting!