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Wednesday 15th April

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday, I got a few more cleaning and sorting jobs done in our classroom. I emptied and cleaned all your trays but don't worry, I have put anything left there in the cupboard ready for when you come back to school.

I had a good chat with Mr Woolley and Miss Newton too as they were in with me. I cycled, as usual, but it was surprisingly cold on the way in! Even with gloves on, my fingers were very chilly! The trip home was much more pleasant.


It was Elliot's pizza evening again, which I always look forward to! My favourite toppings are mushrooms, peppers, red onion and sliced tomatoes with plenty of mozarella of course! He makes the dough in our bread maker, but it is possible to make the bases by hand. Perhaps you could have a go!


Megan and I really enjoy baking together. One of our favourite recipes is for chocolate chip cookies. It's a recipe that I used to make when I was about your age. It's in an old book of mine and the measurements are in ounces rather than grams. I wonder if you could convert the measurements into metric? 1 ounce is approximately 30g.

I have put the recipe and a photo of our cookies on the activity page


Have a great day,

Love from Mrs Bird xx

Message from Mrs Lambert


Good morning Class 3 🙋‍♀️
I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunny weather - it’s amazing how it’s been so sunny for such a long time!

Yesterday I did some cleaning, rode my bike and walked my dogs with my family. I also had some shopping delivered, some of which Mr Lambert, Emma and Hope took down to Lymington to Mr Lambert’s mum and dad. It was nice for them to see each other through the window and have a little chat. 
🧩 Puzzle update - I made some progress on the thatch cottage yesterday and might get some more done later, although I am in school all day today so maybe just a little bit. 

Have a good day. 

Love from Mrs Lambert. X