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Monday 1st June

Welcome Back!

Hello Class 2, how was your half term? I had a lovely week spending lots of time outside in the sunshine. Last weekend, we went to the New Forest and Finley and Lewis rode their bikes. We climbed trees and had a yummy picnic. It was boiling hot! This weekend, we went to Lee-On-Solent beach. It was very hot again but also windy. Finley and Lewis enjoyed collecting shells, throwing big stones into the sea and climbing on the rocks. My favourite part was eating a huge portion of fish and chips! I wonder what you got up to? I hope I might find out when I read your Mighty Writing!

Love from Mrs Sothcott x

Happy Monday Morning Class 2


Wow that half term holiday whizzed by in a flash didn’t it? I had fun though and hope you did too.

I went into school on one day, and on another I went to the seaside for breakfast whilst it was lovely and quiet. The Miller  family have also been on lots of cycle rides to places like Manor Farm Country Park and Bishops Waltham Palace ruins. We also sat in our garden in the sunshine playing board games and we laughed lots and lots.

What made you smile this half term? It’s good to remember things that made us giggle because it can make us feel much happier inside.


I have set you a new challenge on our homepage today so go and have a look if you can. I look forward to hearing from you. 
Have a good week and enjoy all of  your new learning

love Mrs Miller xx

Good Morning Class 2,

I hope you have had a lovely half term. I have left you all a message in my folder back on the main page. See if you can find it.

Love from Miss Newton

Mighty Writing

Welcome back to the last half term of the year! 


This week's Mighty Writing is about something you did at half term. I know from your emails you have been doing a lot of exciting things at home. Some of our class have spent part of half term laying a patio, learning to use drills and hammers, baking,  camping and going to the beach. What did you do?


Why don't you see if you can write it as a postcard with a picture on the front and writing on the back. Yours could say " Hello from sunny Hampshire"


Choose one or two things you really enjoyed doing in half term and write about them. Try to use a lot of description - adjectives and expanded noun phrases - so that the reader can see your words as a picture in their head as they read. In lots of our Mighty Writing I have asked you to include emotions, (how you felt), do the same in this writing too.  For example,

What beautiful weather we enjoyed. On Tuesday I was so excited I was hopping up and down all morning, I couldn't wait to meet my friend at the beach. It has been such a long time since I have seen her and......


You could draw the picture first or just start the writing. REMEMBER you can use the writing ideas which

Miss Newton put on our class page from before half term. 



Year 1:

For the first part of this half term, we will carry on practicing our number and place value skills. Today we are looking at number bonds and part whole relationships. Watch the video first and then have a go at the worksheet. If you finish quickly and would like to have a go at something a bit trickier, there are some extra challenges too.

Year 2:


Today we are going to be practicing adding and subtracting tens. First, watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet. There is an extra challenge at the end if you want something a bit trickier! Question 3 and 5 on the worksheet ask you to use base 10 apparatus. This means apparatus to represent tens and ones. You could use lolly sticks or straws to represent tens and beads or counters to represent ones.



This afternoon I would like you to spend some time reading a book of your choice. I would like you to choose a fiction (story book) today.  I am reading The Faraway Tree to Finley at the moment, it is very exciting!  You could log onto Bug Club and read some of your books on there or you could choose a book from home. Find somewhere nice and quiet to sit where you can concentrate.

If you have read this book before, can you remember what it is about? What are the main characters called? Where is the story set? Why did you choose it? How does the story end?

If you haven’t read this book before, look carefully at the front cover. What clues does it give you? Is there a blurb on the back? Does it introduce the story to you? What do you think the story might be about?

Now spend some time reading. You might read by yourself, or with a grown up, or maybe a bit of both. After you have read for at least 20 minutes (or longer!) I would like your grown up to ask you some questions:


Who are the main characters in your book?

Where is your story set?

What has happened so far?

What do you think is going to happen next?