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Can I spell words ending in -ture?

Start the lesson by doing the wordsearch saved below.

Can I write a story from another point of view?


In our lesson today you are going to be thinking more about the Roman myth The Oak and the Linden Tree.

Start by using the story map below to retell the story out loud.

Now I would like to to think about Philemon or Baucis tell a relative who lived far away what happened? They didn’t have telephones, texts or email so would have to write a letter! What might they put in a letter to explain their sudden change of fortune?

Your task today is to write a letter retelling this story as if you are either Philemon or Baucis. Remember to write your letter in the first person. Try to show how your character feels at different parts of the story.


I have started an example letter below .


Dear Hadriana,

I just had to write to you as something so amazing has happened to us. A few days ago, Philemon and I were busy tidying up our little home, when there was a sudden knock at our door. We were surprised as we weren't expecting visitors. When I opened the door, there before me were two men asking us if we could spare a crust of bread. Of course we invited them in, even though we barely had enough to feed ourselves.


There are several resources sheets to help you with spelling and word choices which I have added to a section called English resources on the opening page of the Class 3 website.
If you don't quite finish your letter, don't worry. You will be coming back to this next lesson. On Monday, you can finish your letter and then carefully edit what you have written.