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Monday 27th April

Hi Class Four,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the nice weather and a break from your home learning.

I had a nice weekend. On Friday, I baked some cherry cupcakes and so on Saturday I went for another long walk to leave them on my friend's doorsteps. Mrs Soley had left me some yummy chocolate cookies - so it was a little bit like a cake swap for us! I then spent the rest of the day painting the kitchen.

This morning I went out for a long run and saw some lovely lambs out by Allbrook. This afternoon I worked in the garden, lots of weeding, planting and I mowed and strimmed the lawn so I'm quite tired now. I managed to catch Flash and Fred snuggled up in bed together earlier which doesn't happen very often - they do love each other really!

I hope you are all ready for your home learning again this week. You are so lucky (and so am I!) because so many different teachers have been helping to get lessons ready for you to do! I hope you enjoy them.

A huge thank you to everyone who sent me an email and work to look at over the weekend. I was so impressed with the work you completed and it is so lovely to hear from you - I miss you all very much. If you haven't sent me an email yet, please can you do this today. For your email this week on Friday, I would like you to send me:

  • Either your silent writing or the piece of Maths work you are most proud of from the week (or both if you want)
  • A photo of your Greek art work or cooking (again or both if you want)

Have a great day, work hard and I look forward to hearing from you in the week.

Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:


Welcome to a new week class 4.  I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, weather has still been good so I'm guessing you all managed to get outside for a bit of exercise and fresh air.  Mr Soley and I managed a couple of good walks and as you can see from my photos, we saw some lovely plants and flowers.  Although, I didn't have to go far to see the red one as it's in my garden!  The Acer has come out in full leaf and looks gorgeous up close.  We sit next to it when we have our lunch and it makes a lovely sound when the breeze blows through it. 

We have spent quite a lot of time in our garden this weekend; tidying up and weeding as well as just sitting and enjoying the sunshine.  

My first picture shows Jacob being very industrious and making some lovely pictures for his mummy to put on the fridge no doubt.  It was lovely to see him this time actually colouring with the crayons and not eating them like last time!  For goodness sake, you wouldn't think his mother fed him, honestly.  

As you know from last week, we are making hummus and flatbreads this week in keeping with our Greeks topic.  Mr Soley was unable to get tahini when he went shopping on Friday so I looked for some alternatives.  Here are a few you could try if you are also having difficulty getting this:-

  • Nut butter (cashew, almond, brazil)
  • Sunflower seed butter (never heard of this one)
  • Smooth peanut butter (that's the one I'm going to use)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sesame oil
  • Greek yogurt

I'm hoping Mr Soley won't be able to taste the peanut butter as he really doesn't like it but he loves hummus.  Although if he can taste it, that means more for me. 

I hope you enjoy the art and cooking activities this week and I look forward to seeing your emails over the next few days.  I was very impressed with all your Greek Gods and Goddesses last week, beautifully drawn and coloured in.  I loved how you had really thought about what your God or Goddess could do for others.  Well done everyone!

I'll catch up with you all on Wednesday, stay safe and well. 

Best wishes.

Mrs Soley xx

As always - I will be starting my day with PE with Joe. Loved his Superman costume on Friday, but it must have been very hot wearing it!



Year 5

Today you are going to be starting a new unit of work learning about percentages. This links to the previous work you did with me on fractions and the work which you have been doing at home with decimals. Go to the White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 5 website and find Week 2, Lesson 3 which is called ‘Understand Percentages’. Watch the video and work through the worksheet. I have attached the answers so you can check your work.

If you have time, or would like an extra challenge, can you write me a percentage question linked to the Greeks which we could use in our problem solving session on Friday? You could use the crayon questions from the video as a model for your own questions. Remember to send me the question and the answers too. Can you show your workings on a bar model?

Year 6

Today you are going to be continuing your work on ratio, but moving onto scale factors. Go to the White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 6 website and find Week 1, Lesson 5 which is called ‘Using Scale Factors’. Watch the video and work through the worksheet. I have attached the answers so you can check your work.

If you have time, or would like an extra challenge, can you write me a scale factor question linked to the Greeks which we could use in our problem solving session on Friday? You could perhaps draw a very simple Greek temple and ask them to enlarge it by a scale factor of __. Or create a simple representation of one of the God’s special objects to be enlarged. Keep the shape very simple – if possible, something which can be drawn easily on squared paper. Remember to send me the question and the answer too – showing the shape before and after the enlargement and any workings you needed to do.


Remember to make an entry into your diary/journal at some point today.


In today’s English session, I would like you to complete your silent writing plan so you are ready to write in tomorrow’s session. For this week’s silent writing, you have two options:

Option 1

Write a newspaper report about how Class Four have celebrated Earth Day. I have to submit the next Bishops Waltham Parish News article next Monday, so I will choose one of your newspaper reports for this. If you choose this activity, you might want to find out a bit more about Earth Day (why the day started/when it started/how it is celebrated around the world). You will also need to have a look at the Class Four Earth Day Celebrations Gallery so you can see some of the great things children did to celebrate so you can talk about them in your report. You might want to ask some of your friends (via phone/text/email) to tell you about what they did so you can include some quotes.


The last articles to be published were Ben M’s report about our Pakistan Culture Week and Tamara’s article about Easter Holiday in Lockdown. I’ve included them below to give you some inspiration.

If you choose this task, you will need to fill in the ‘Newspaper Report Planning Sheet’.

Option 2

Write a fact page about a Greek God of your choice. You might want to choose one of the Gods you found out about in your topic work last Thursday, or you might want to choose another one. You will need to carry out some extra research today so that you have enough facts to write about. You might want to find out about: what they are the God of, any special objects/powers, their family, whether they are in any famous myths, where they live, what they look like…


If you choose this task, you will need to fill in the ‘Greek God Fact Page Planning Sheet’.


Miss Kimber has very kindly been busy planning a new unit of work for you for this half term. Here is session 1 - enjoy smiley

Spellings and Reading

Here are your new spelling sentences from Mrs Kimble ready for your spelling test on Friday. Start practising them today - they are focused on words with 'fer' in.

Spend some time reading a book of your choice.