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Tuesday 2nd June

Good Morning!

Did you manage to get outside yesterday? It was very hot! I was in school and we spent lots of the day outside. Did you enjoy the reading activity yesterday afternoon? I haven't set reading as a learning activity today but you might like to do it anyway.  It is a really good idea to try and read for at least 10 minutes every day. You can read anything you like! It is even better if a grown up can listen to you read. If you read a word that you don't understand, make sure you stop and ask. I am going to ask Miss Newton to make a new reading folder in our Class 2 photo gallery. I would love you to send me a photo of you reading at home. You could make yourself a little reading den somewhere in your house or garden! I look forward to seeing your photos.

Love Mrs Sothcott x

Mighty Writing

If you haven't finished your writing from yesterday do that first. 


Next you need to edit and improve what you have written - use this check list to help you

  • full stops and capital letters are in the correct places
  • writing is on the line, not flying in the air or falling off
  • you have described colours, the weather, what you did, how you did it, who was with you
  • how you felt



Year 1:

How did you get on with the number bonds learning yesterday? Today we are looking at the relationship between addition and subtraction. First, watch the video and then do the worksheet. There is an extra challenge too if you want to have a go!

Year 2

Today we are going to be adding two-digit numbers. We have done this before but it was a while ago so it will be good for you to practice.  Watch the video first and then do the worksheet.  You may need to use some tens and ones apparatus to help you work out some of the answers. You could use straws or lolly sticks as tens and then counters or beads as ones. You might find it helpful to draw your tens and ones to help you solve each problem. Let me know how you get on!


Our new topic for this half term is called Art Attack! We will be finding out about some famous artists and their work. We will also be creating some of our own masterpieces!

Today, we are going find out about a famous artist and one of his paintings. We are going to start by looking at the painting. Click on the link below and spend some time looking at the painting. There are some questions for you to talk about underneath. You can make notes if you like, or ask your grown up to help you with this:


The painting was painted by an artist called Pieter Bruegel. Click on the document below and look at the first page only. There is some information about Pieter Bruegel and the painting:
Now look again at the painting Hunters in the Snow.  You will need a sheet of plain white paper and a sharp pencil. Have a go at sketching the painting. What is happening in the foreground? What can you see in the background? Spend some time on your sketch. Remember to keep looking back at the painting. What is the hardest part to draw? I am going to have a go at doing this too. I think I will probably find it most difficult to draw the people.