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Friday 10th April 2020

Good morning everyone.


What a beautiful day yesterday was. I am still committed to Joe Wicks at 9.00 am every morning and I was absolutely boiling and puffed out by the end of it after he increased the exercise sessions from 30 seconds to 40 seconds - that extra ten seconds was agony!!! I wonder if any of you joined in yesterday and felt the same effects? 


It was really nice to be back at school again yesterday and as it was such a nice day, I got the water wall out from our garden area for the children to play with - do you remember the gift that Mrs Nettle gave us?  I'll put a couple of pictures below so you can all remember those happy times.  If you have a 'handy' parent at home, you could see if he/she could make something for you at home for the garden where you can pour water down pipes and bottles - there's lots of ideas on line - take a look at pinterest.  I'll put some ideas below.  My daughter also filled up a large  underbed storage container yesterday with water and sat in that in the garden to cool down!  So water play is one idea for today and I've put a link to a hot cross bun recipe too which Jamie Oliver says is perfect for children.  There is also a link to an Easter activity book if you want to be busy over this Easter weekend.  Have a lovely few days everyone.

Happy memories of Class 1 water wall play

Ideas for garden water walls

Hot cross bun recipe

Easter activity booklet