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Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good morning everybody,

It should be a clearish day today before the rain comes back tomorrow so make the most of it.  Yesterday, I went great guns cycling into school and actually managed to cycle in just under 30 minutes - a record for me.  Why don't you try and beat a best time in something that you like doing, or need practise on?  Let me know if you're successful.  

Letters and Sounds

Recap all your sounds by watching the video below.

Today we are going to practise writing the letter m, the one remaining letter from yesterday's sheet (page 11).  It starts at the top at Maisie's head, we then go down Maisie and bounce back up over the mainy mountains.  If you found you were having trouble with p or k yesterday, have another go at those too.  Remember, always start at the top.
Let's practise our blends at the beginning of words by playing Forest Phoncis.  Click on the sp gr sl fl key to play.

Now it's time to start to make our "Where's Spot?" book.  First of all, watch and listen to the story below - note the flaps!  The man reading this is Eric Hill who wrote the book.

So we need to make the front cover of our book.  Let's get an A4 piece of paper, fold it in half and on the front give it the title "Where's Spot?" and then draw Spot on the front cover doing anything you want.  During the week, we will write different pages with flaps where we go looking for Spot.  You can have him hide in the same places as he did in the book or you might want him hiding in places that you have in your house or your garden. You then need to think what will be hiding there each time.  It could be the same animals as in the Spot book, or you could have minibeasts, or different animals, or family members.  It will be your book so it will be up to you.   Start having a little think so that tomorrow you can be ready with the first hiding place.  It might be that we can't finish our books this week because of moving up day so we can continue into next week with it as well.
If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on one of the links below:

Number Time

Now watch the Oak Academy Tuesday maths video.  Today it is about counting and adding objects under cups!


All of this week, we are going to be thinking about seasons and the season of Summer in particular, which is the season we are in now.  Watch the video links below to remind yourselves of the different seasons and how the weather, plants and animal behaviour changes during the different seasons.  There is also a small quiz you could try after. Then listen to and watch the story of the Tiny Seed where a seed travels through the different seasons of the year, to different places and finally grows into a sunflower.