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Wednesday 17th June 2020

Good morning Class 1

The weather's a bit hit and miss today, hopefully we'll see more of the sun and less of the thunder!  We are thinking about all things spidery today so should be a fun time.  At school yesterday, we really enjoyed watching the caterpillar life cycle video and then found a couple more that were interesting too.  I've put links below in case you'd like to watch them too - they really are amazing.  Have a good day and watch out for spiders!

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds using Phonics Play speed trials.

Can you remember how to write her and my - see if you can write each word using different colours.

Then read the tricky words below. You can practise phase 3, or 4, or both.

It's time to have a go at sheet 3 of the handwriting letters.  Today we are practising q and e.  For q it is "round her head, up past her earrings and down her hair" and for e we say "through the egg, over the egg and under the egg".  Put a smiley by the best one - it will be the one sitting on the line that is formed beautifully.
Now have a game of phonics bingo using ICT Games.  Choose 2 sounds you need to practise and print off or copy down the cards you need by clicking on the green link in the top right hand corner of the page - enjoy.  Can you beat your mum, dad, brothers or sisters?
It's time for page 2 of your life cycle of a butterfly book.  Look back at page 1, what happens after it is an egg?  Talk to your adult and look at the butterfly word mat to help you.  Then decide what your sentence is going to be.  It might be "Then it turns into a caterpillar" or "Then it is a caterpillar" or "next it changes into a caterpillar".  You decide, then, with your word mat and sound mat next to you, write down your sentence one word at a time leaving a space between each word.  Keep reading your sentence as you write it so you know what word to write next.

Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy Wednesday maths video.  Today it is all about exploring taking away.

Now have a go at the Mirror Belle Day 3 maths activities.  It's all about making a cure for dragon pox and counting how many princes and princesses you can see in the castle.

Minibeast Activities

Today we are going to be finding out about spiders.  Watch Minibeast Adventures clip below to see what you can learn.  

Now have a look at the life cycle of the spider.  The spider isn't an insect like many of the other minibeasts we've been learning about - it has 8 legs and 2 body parts.  See if you can spot the parts of the life cycle that are like the others we have studied and the parts that are different.


If you have some sticks and some string, you might like to have a go at building a spider's web like in the video below.  Or you could have a go at making a large one out of wool like Jess did in the video.  There is also a very quick science experiment you could try if you have some sticky tape and cooking oil to investigate why spider's don't stick to their own webs.  Have a webtastic time!