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Wednesday 8th July

Good morning everyone!


I hope you had a lovely weekend and a good start to the week. We had a lovely weekend. On Sunday I went for a lovely run with Miss Olver bright and early then Mr Pilgrim and I took Alice to Winchester for a picnic lunch and she had lots of fun playing in the sunshine!


Have a great day!


Mrs Pilgrim x

Morning job

Carry on working through your morning jobs booklet!




Year 1: we are continuing to revise capital letters and full stops. Please work through your very own booklet to practise this.


Year 2: last term we learned about adding the suffix ly to adjectives to make them into adverbs. This week we will be revising this grammar rule. Work through the PowerPoint and then complete the worksheet.



Year 1:

Today I would like you to try some coin counting challenges. There are three different challenges for you to try!

Year 2:

Yesterday we practised telling the time when it is quarter past and quarter to. Today you are going to practice drawing these times onto clock faces. You might like to choose 2 different coloured pencils; one for the minute hand and one for the hour hand. Take care when you draw the hands on the clocks. You might find it easier to use a ruler.



Today in French you will be learning all about how to say family members in French. Have a look at the PowerPoint to see your new vocabulary.

Then have a go at learning the song below!

Can you practise saying the family members you have learnt in French? Use the PowerPoint to help you.


Now try and complete the below worksheet. You might need to use the PowerPoint to help you.