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Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning, here is a morning message from me:

Wednesday 3rd March Morning Message


We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to find a big one... Everyone loved this book when they were younger, so I hope you enjoy doing some exercise linked to it today.

It's Wednesday Quiz Day today, I wonder what today's Joe quiz will be about?! I'll be joining in from home today.


It's Wednesday today, which means Times Tables Tests. Click on the link below to find the times tables test you need (if you're not sure, send me an e-mail and I can remind you which one you are working on). We normally have 5-6 minutes for this in class as the grids have lots of questions on. Once you have finished, click the answers link and then you will be able to mark it. Let me know how you get on so I can update my tracker. Good luck!

In today's lesson, you are going to be learning about volume. For this session, it would be useful if you had some cubes to use to help you make different shapes. These don't have to be multilink cubes like the ones in the video - I know you probably don't have any of these at home, I don't! You could use: Lego cubes, building block cubes, Oxo cubes (which are used for cooking), dice... Anything which is cube shaped!

Watch the video first, work through the worksheet and then check your work using the answer sheet.

On Question 6, you might want to take photos of your creations rather than trying to draw the 3D shapes.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the extension task which is made up of two volume reasoning questions. I've included my workings and answers so you can check your work.

11am Live Reading with Mrs Soley

At 11am, Mrs Soley will be reading the next installment of 'The Fossil Hunters' story she started last week. If you missed it, I've put the video below so you can catch up on the first few chapters first.

Logon to Google Classroom as normal to join her at 11am.

Fossil Hunters Chapters 1-3

For your follow up activity, she would like you to imagine that you have discovered a dinosaur skeleton and no one seems to know what type it is. Could it be a brand new one, never seen before?

Write a short newspaper article telling the world of this amazing discovery. Don't forget the 5 Ws: who, what, where, when, why.

You can make this front page news if you would like. Remember to include a photograph/drawing of your skeleton.


Last week, you looked again at The Easter Story and retold it in your own way. I received some lovely written stories, story maps and comic strips showing your good understanding of this important story.

Today, you are going to be looking to see what evidence there is that Jesus did resurrect from the dead.

You are going to be reading Luke Chapter 24. We talked about the different books in the bible before half term when we were working on parables. Luke is one of the gospels - these are the first four books in the New Testament which talk about Jesus' time on Earth.

If you open up the Powerpoint below and click the 'Slide Show' option from the toolbar at the top of the screen and choose 'From Beginning', then the Powerpoint should start playing and you should be able to hear me reading the extract for you. It should automatically move from one slide to the next and you should be able to listen to me all the way through. It's the first time I've tried it though!

I have also saved it in PDF format in case you can't access Powerpoint - but you can't hear me read it in this format unfortunately.
I also found a good video which retells this part of the Easter story in a visual way, so next watch the clip below.

The Resurrection of Jesus: Luke 24

From what you have read and seen, now try and make a list of the different pieces of evidence from Luke 24 which suggest that Jesus did resurrect from the dead.


Mrs Soley has planned another great art lesson for you today. You will be making a dinosaur skeleton fossil!

Read through the instructions carefully and look at the pictures of the amazing one she made! Remember to send in photos of your creation for us to see. Enjoy!