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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Good morning Class 1,

It's looking a little grey out of my window and the forecast is not too good today but hopefully you can dodge the showers.  As the weather forecast had said that yesterday was going to be the last day of the beautiful weather, I decided to ride in on my bike.  When I got to school, it seemed that I was not the only person who had thought this way as so had Mrs Bird, Miss Olver, Mrs Miller and Mrs Lambert, so there were bikes galore.  At the end of the day, four of us decided to start our journeys home together and it was nice to head down the long Upham hill together in convoy. However, I'm taking the car today!  Have a lovely day thinking about worms!!


Practise your sounds using the powerpoint below.

Watch the "I Can Only Draw Worms" story (link below).  In the story,  worm 6 rode on a unicorn into outer space and had an adventure.  However, we don't find out what the adventure is.  Have a little think about what adventure he could have had.  Talk to your adult and share your ideas.  Then decide on the adventure you want your worm to have and draw a picture of it.  When your picture is done, decide with your adult what your sentence(s) is going to be to tell the adventure and practise saying it out loud.    Then write your sentence down one word at a time, sounding out all the sounds in each word and putting a finger space between each word.  Copy down any tricky words you need from your tricky word mat as you need them and use your sound mat to help you write down the correct digraphs and to get your letters around the right way.  Please email over this piece of work one day this week.  

Number Time

Can you make today's date number using Numicon - it's the 3rd June today.


Watch Oak Academy wednesday Maths video all about recognising and find 3d shapes.

Undertake Day 3 activities of The Snail and The Whale maths activities - all about identifying the amount of different dangers in each place the snail visited.  

Worm Learning

Worms are creatures we see in the garden and at school quite often and they are really important to the soil which we grow fruit and vegetables in.  Watch the two videos below to find out some fascinating facts about worms.


When you have all the things you need, have a go at building a worm farm so that you can watch how worms change food scraps and leaves into compost which is fantastic and vital for helping all types of plants grow, including fruit and vegetables that we eat.  I've put two different sets of instructions below so you have a good idea of what you need and how to do it.