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Can I use a repeating pattern for a mosaic design?


Last week, you looked at some Roman mosaics and practised different designs for a mosaic border. Today you are going to make the border for your mosaic. 

Start by taking another look at some of the mosaics on the bbc history website. 

You have a choice in how you would like to make your mosaic. This will of course depend on what resources you have available at home.

You can either: 

Make a printed mosaic. The instructions for how to do this are saved below. For this you need poster paint and a small wooden dowel or something similar.


Or you could cut out lots of small pieces of coloured paper - perhaps from old magazines or any other paper you may have at home. These will be glued to your paper to make your border design.


Or if you don't have any resources for either, your design could just be made on squared paper and coloured in with pencils or felt tips. ( I have saved a copy of squared paper you can print if needed.)


Today you are just making the border of your mosaic. Don't do the picture design today as you will be thinking about this next week. Remember to look back at the designs you practised last week. There are some examples of completed mosaics saved for you to look at.