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Year 1

More or Less?


Click on the Power Point below to learn how to find one more and one less.

Then, have a go at the Gruffalo more and less sheet. You might like to find some beads or bricks from home to represent each of the numbers before you find one more and less.

Would you like a challenge? Have a go at this problem:

Reading and Writing the Numbers 0-9 as Numerals and Words


We are going to have a go at matching the numerals 0-9 with the number words. You could print out the cards below and cut them up or you could make your own matching cards at home by cutting up 20 bits of paper, writing a numeral (0-9) or a number words on each piece. 

Now have a go at one of the activity sheets below. There are three different difficulty levels for you to choose from. Use the answer sheet to check your answers and see how you got on!