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Tuesday 16th June 2020

Morning everybody,

Hope you all had a happy Monday.  It's looking beautiful weather at the moment so hopefully another sunny day today. 


Yesterday when I arrived home in the afternoon, I found we had no electricity and it wasn't due to come back on for another few hours as a tree had fallen on some power cables.  Nothing in the house worked.  I couldn't do school work on the computer or check my emails, or even do my zoom ukulele session in the evening.  And the oven wouldn't work! So our family took the opportunity of going to the beach again for some fish and chips - delicious.


Have a good day.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds using the Phonics Bloom time trials below.

Practise writing the words my a few times and the word her a few times.  

Can you write the following phrases with a space between words  - my cat,  my dog,  my cup,  her bag, her mug, her bed

Practise reading the high frequency words for phase 2, 3 or 4 using the songs below - click on the song you need to practise.  Write some down if you can as the song plays.
Today we going to practise writing two more letters from the curly caterpillar letter family.  They both start as if you were writing the letter c - they are d and g.  Print out page 2 below and have a go.  Remember "around the dinosaur's tummy up his tall neck and then down to his feet" for d  and for g "round her face, down her hair and give her a curl".  Put a smiley next to your best letter on each line.
Now play "Tell and T-Rex" on ICT Games and choose a sound you need to practise.
Now we are ready to make the first written page of our butterfly information book.  So we will need to think of how a butterfly starts off life.  Tell your adult what you think.  So does it start off as a caterpillar, a butterfly, an egg or a chrysalis? Have a look at the words and pictures on the butterfly word mat below to help you.  Then take another piece of paper and fold it in half and draw 3 lines to write on at the top of the page.  Decide what you are going to write about the first part of the life cycle.  You might write "First it is an egg" or "an egg is laid on a leaf" or "a butterfly lays her eggs on a leaf".  Then, with your sound mat next to you, sound out each word (with your adult if you need to) and write down each sound as you say it. Remember that your butterfly life cycle mat will provide some words for you to copy. Make sure you leave a finger space between each word.  Keep reading your sentence back after each word so you know what word to write next.  Then draw a picture of it underneath.  

Number Time

Watch the Tuesday Oak Academy maths video.  Today it is all about exploring addition by adding on.

Now have a go at Mirror Belle Maths Day 2 activities.  It's all about carefully counting spots and adding 2 sets of spots together.

Minibeast Activities

We are making our book about butterflies this week and below is a powerpoint that tells you about the life cycle of the butterfly, building on what we learnt from Dr Seuss yesterday.  There is also a  3 minute film you can watch which shows all the different stages of an egg hatching into a caterpillar, and how the caterpillar eats and sheds its skin and then forms a chrysalis.  It even shows it hatching from the chrysalis - do watch it, it's fascinating. 

I thought it would then be nice to have a go at painting a butterfly.  I have put a link to different types of butterflies.  Choose a butterfly that you like the look of and see if you can paint it.  Look closely at the patterns and see if you can use the same colours to produce the same patterns.  I have put a butterfly template below which you can use to paint within.  

It would be lovely to see any painted or coloured butterflies.