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Monday May 4th


Practise your times tables using your flash cards. See how quickly you can answers a set of your questions.


Year 3

Can I convert pounds and pence?

This week, you will continue the work on money that we started before half term. 

Watch the video Summer Week 3 Day 1 at

The worksheets are saved below with an extra challenge if you need it.

Year 4

Can I multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number?

This week, you will be revisiting the work we have done on multiplying and dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers.


Today go to and watch the video Week 3 Lesson 1


The worksheets and an extra challenge are saved below.


Can I spell words ending in ous with the root word ending in y or our ?

We will be carrying on with learning to spell words with the suffix ous. Work through the Powerpoint presentation saved below. Play the guess the word game, write the words in your writing book as you play the game.

Can I identify the rhyming structure of poetry?

The theme for our topic work this week is mummies ! In English you will be reading a poem about mummies.

Read the poem through on the Powerpoint saved. (I hope no one is too squeamish !)

Are there any words you do not know? If so look them up in a dictionary.

Next, I would like you to think about the structure of the poem.

How many sets of rhyming words can you find? What is the pattern? There is a worksheet to guide you.

There is also a document to explain the definition of a stanza.



Today you will be learning about Mummies. There is a Powerpoint for you below. There is some information for you to listen to. Then you can order the steps required in the process of making a mummy.


For your second lesson this afternoon, write about why the Ancient Egyptians made mummies and how this was done.

There are worksheets saved below called Message in a Jar.