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Thursday 7th January

Good Morning Class 2!

Good morning Class 2!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and I hope Father Christmas brought you everything you wanted. I'm sad not to see you all today but I'm looking forward to seeing you all again very soon. We will be posting videos on our class page so you will see us on your screens!


I hope you all have a lovely day today. I'm looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing what you do today.


Love Mrs Pilgrim

Our Class 2 email is:
Here is a suggested timetable for you to follow each day:



Today I would like you to write a recount of your Christmas holidays. A recount means writing about something that has happened in the past.  You can read about my Christmas break below! Have a talk with your grown up about what you did over the Christmas holidays. Did you do anything special on Christmas Eve? What did you do on Christmas Day? Did you eat some delicious food? When you are ready to write, begin by writing a title at the top of your page: My Christmas Holidays. Think of your first sentence and say it out loud to make sure it makes sense. Try hard to remember to use capital letters and full stops.  When we do writing in class, we always have our purple spelling folders on our tables. Below are some of the resources that we use in class to help us:


For the next few days we will be looking at how to represent numbers using tens and ones. This means we will be thinking about two digit numbers like 12 and thinking about how many tens they have and how many ones they have. 12 has 1 ten and 2 ones. Today you have a video to watch and a worksheet to complete.


Year 1

Watch the video then complete the worksheet.

Year 2

There are 2 videos and 2 worksheets to choose from depending on how confident you feel about tens and ones. The first video and worksheet is all about numbers within 50. The second video and worksheet is all about numbers up to 100 which is slightly trickier.

There are also some problems for you to solve if you need an extra challenge!


Year 1:

Today you will be learning the sound 'ea' as in 'head'. Click on the link below for your phonics lesson:

Year 2:

Click on the Power Point below and practice reading each sound carefully and clearly:

Today you are going to learn about homophones. Click on the link below for your lesson. I want you to watch the two videos and have a go at Activity 1: Match up the homophones. You are going to continue with the other activities tomorrow.


This term we are doing a new topic.


What can you see in the picture? Where might this picture be? What clues are there? What do you think our topic might be about? Before you read on to find out write down some ideas to send us! No peeking!



Our topic this term is called...  'Once Upon a Time'. In History we will be learning all about castles.


For your learning today please could you write down what you know about castles already. Maybe you might know what they are made from, who might live there or something else. Or perhaps you have been to a castle before so you might know what they look like on the outside and inside.


Once you have written down everything you know about castles (don't worry if you only know one thing), please could you write down some things you would like to find out about castles.


Once we have heard from you all we will add all of your ideas to the document below which is a KWL grid. The K is for what you know, W is for what you would like to know and the L is for what you have learned, which we will fill in at the end of our topic.

We look forward to hearing from you all about what you know about castles and what you would like to know about castles!



Spend at least 15 minutes reading. You could log onto Bug Club and read one of your colour band books on there. 

Type 'Bug Club' into a search engine.

To log in:

Your user name is your first initial and your surname, all lower case e.g. jsothcott

Your password is class2

The school code is h9m6


You could choose one of your books from home to read. It could be a fiction or a non-fiction book.