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Wednesday 10th June

Good Morning Class 2 parents,


I have found a website that offers daily phonics lessons for Year 1 children. It teaches a new phase 5 sound every day and also revises sounds learnt previously. The lessons follow the same format as we use in school and last for around 20 minutes. All you need is a pen and paper. Although the lessons are aimed at Year 1 children, I would recommend that Year 2s also join in. I would suggest starting at the beginning and working through the lessons in order. Each day, I will add a link to a lesson. However if you feel that your child already knows the first few sounds, feel free to start wherever you think is best. The children should be able to participate in these lessons independently! 

I hope you find this a helpful resource. I have started doing these lessosn daily at home with Finley!


Mrs Sothcott

Morning Job

 Practise learning your 5x tables. Learn a few at a time and then test yourself once you are sure of the answers. 



Today is SPAG, chose the correct year group. 



Yr 1 using and in sentences

Yr 2 variety of spelling and grammar



Year 1:

Year 2:


Today we will be testing how elastic/ stretchy fabrics are. 


You will need : fabrics ( ideally cut to the same size)

                     a recording sheet ( either mine or your own)

                     tape measure or ruler


"So, what do you know about 'stretchiness' and stretchy fabrics?  What makes elasticity a useful property of fabric? When would you use stretchy materials? What happens when you pull a swimsuit and then let it go? (it goes back to its original shape; it sometimes goes a bit baggy.) There is a point at where stretchy fabric can be overstretched and won;t return to its original shape and size. " copyright HT.


Look at the fabrics you have, can you tell which is the stretchiest just by looking at them? Predict which of the fabrics is the stretchiest and put them in order. 

Above is the recording sheet I will be using in class. If it is not useful, feel free to create your own.


Take the first piece of fabric and anchor one end securely - maybe under the leg of a chair with someone sitting on it, or under the leg of a table. Lay a tape measure or ruler alongside to see how long it is. Make a note on the recoring sheet. 


Now pull the free end of the fabric as hard as you can. Where does it come to on the ruler or tape measure? Work out how long the piece of fabric stretched and write it on your sheet. 


Do the same of each piece of fabric, writing down the results as you go. 


Now try to answer these questions - 

What did you find out about the fabrics? 

Did you discover that the more elastic the fabric has in it, the more it will stretch?