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Thursday 4th June


Start the lesson by practising your times tables and doing your second test of the week.


Year 3 

Can I identify parallel lines?

Work through the introduction quiz, the lesson and the worksheets. There is a final quiz at the end to check your understanding.


Look at the letters below:


Which letters have no parallel lines?

Which letters have 1 pair of parallel lines?

Which letters have more than 1 pair of parallel lines?



Year 4

Can I solve problems involving units of length?

Work through the lesson to learn about units of length. You will also be revising some of the work you have done on decimals earlier on. There are a few more questions saved below if you want an extra challenge.


Can I spell words with ch for k sound?

There is a wordsearch for you to do today. 

Can I answer questions about a persuasive text?


Watch the video and answer the questions on the accompanying slides. You can stop the video at 17 minutes as you are not doing the spelling activity. You only need to go up to Slide 7.



Today we are going to learn about the different names of God. We can learn more about God when we learn about His different names and God goes by a lot of different names and titles in the Bible. We’re only going to look at a few of them.

Think about your name. Does everyone call you by that name? You call me Mrs Lambert but not everyone calls me that. My children call me Mum and my friends call me by my first name Tracy. We can sometimes go by different names to different people. We can even have nicknames too. Names can also be shortened like Andrew to Andy. What are some other names you may go by?

What do we know about titles? What is a title? People can have titles before their names that mean different things. I am Mrs, that means I am married. Do you know what these titles mean? Write them down with their meaning alongside.






Lord or Lady


Rt Hon





God has many names and titles he goes by. All of these names and titles help us understand more about Him. Knowing God is the absolute most important thing for Christians.

Here are some titles that God goes by in the Bible, do some research and find out the meaning for these names? Write them down with their meanings alongside.



Prince of Peace

Lord of Hosts

King of Kings





Lamb of God

Refuge / Fortress

Alpha and Omega


Finally, the name of God is considered Holy by Christians and The Bible is clear about how Christians are to treat His name and use it with respect.

When you have finished send me a picture of your work and I'll pop it on the Gallery.

Mrs Lambert x



Last half term you were learning about French foods. Today you are going to recap on this learning with some work on the bbc bitesize website. 

Visit this link:

Scroll down to the second video about food. Then click on Activity 2 which is matching French and English words for foods.