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Tuesday 12th May


Start the lesson with your times tables test.


Year 3

Can I measure perimeter?


There is no video for the lesson today but if you want a reminder about perimeter you could rewatch the lesson from yesterday. 

On the worksheet, there are several shapes where you need to measure the perimeter. On the sheet, it suggests that you use wool to find the perimeter. You could do this but could you see a problem with this method? 

To be more accurate, use a ruler and measure the length of each side and them find the total. There is a challenge sheet if you want to have a go at this.


Year 4

Can I find the perimeter of a rectilinear shape?

Go to the White Rose website and watch the video for Summer Week 4 Lesson 3


The worksheet and challenge problems are saved below. As always, do as much as you can. This lesson is new learning for Year 4 so don't worry if you find it a bit tricky. 




Can I spell words with the suffix tion?

Go through the Powerpoint below. Try to work out each word from the clues given. 

Can I learn about the past from a diary entry?

Today you will read part of a diary written by Howard Carter who was the archaeologist who discovered Tutankhamun's tomb. Answer the questions about the diary in your English book. The answers are on the third page.



In the document saved below there is a photograph of Tutankhamun's death mask and some more information. 

Today I would like you to either draw, or paint or make a collage of the death mask. 



Carry on with Dance Mat typing. If you have started from the beginning you should be on Level 2 Stage 4 which is the letters t and y