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Can I draw a picture using my imagination and details in the text?


Listen to me reading the second part of  Chapter 1. Follow the text if you have a copy of the book.


When you have finished, think about the first chapter.

Is it a good opening?

What is particularly good about it? 

How does Roald Dahl use the opening to give us clues about what might happen later in the story?


Finally, I would like you to draw a picture of Mr Willy Wonka's factory using details in the story and your imagination. 

Chapter 1 Part 2

Can I use fronted adverbials?


We learnt about adverbs and adverbials before half term. This week, we are looking at fronted adverbials which are at the start of a sentence.


Watch the bbc bitesize clip and do the quiz and activity on the page below.

On the worksheet below, there are fronted adverbials at the start of the sentence, you need to add the main part of the sentence.


If you want an extra challenge, try to write your own sentences using fronted adverbials.