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Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning Class Four!

I expect you all heard the good news yesterday - we will all be back at school on the 8th March! It will be so lovely to see you all and go back to normal classroom learning!

Keep working hard with the home learning in the mean time.


Here is a morning message from Mrs Soley:

Tuesday 23 Feb


It's a balancing challenge today - you will need to make sure you keep a steady hand! No wobbling allowed!


Today, start by completing your Learn It challenge. Give yourself 2-3 minutes to complete it. If you haven't got one, send me an email and I'll send it across. Let me know how you get on so I can update my tracker and send you a new one if you pass ready for next week. Good luck!

Today, you are going to be continuing with your work on calculating the perimeter of shapes. You are going to be looking at how we can calculate the perimeter of shapes which have been drawn on a squared grid.

Start by watching the White Rose video. Next, have a go at the worksheet and then mark your work using the answer sheet. I've attached a document showing my workings in case you want to see how I calculated them.

If you have time, or want some extra perimeter practice, have a go at the 'Flowerbed Perimeter' task below. I've included my workings on the answer sheet so you can see how I worked it out.


Yesterday, it was so lovely to see you all on Google Classroom and hear about what you did in half term. Hopefully you completed the recount planning sheet and have thought carefully about which day/event you would like to focus your recount on.

Today, you will be writing your recount. Here are some things you need to remember when writing a recount:

  • A recount tells the reader about something you did, so it needs to be in the past tense (we did, we went, I felt, I saw...)
  • A recount is about what you did, so it is written in the first person (I, me, we, our...)
  • A recount is normally written in chronological order - this means, in the order it happened in. We often guide our reader through this using time conjunctions (first, next, after that, then, later that day, finally...)

Start by reading through my recount below. Can you spot examples of past tense verbs, first person and time conjunctions?

Now have a go at writing your own recount. Remember to use your plan to help you. You can write your recount by hand or on a computer.


When you have finished writing, check back through carefully. Make sure you have used capital letters, commas and full stops in the right places and use a dictionary to check any spellings you are unsure of. Once you have checked through, please e-mail me your recount so I can have a look at it. I am really looking forward to seeing your writing and finding out what you have been up to.


Today, we are starting our new topic! Our new topic is called Jurassic Park and throughout this half term we will be learning about fossils, dinosaurs, evolution, adaptation and inheritance. I think you will really enjoy it as it is such an interesting topic!

To start with, this week we will be focusing on fossils. In today's lesson you will be learning about how fossils are formed. You might have looked at this briefly during your 'Rocks' topic in Class Three. 

Start by working through the Powerpoint below - you will need a pen, pencil and piece of paper to write on.

*I've also included this in PDF format in case you have problems opening the Powerpoint*

Next, have a look at the BBC Bitesize website below. Watch the short video, read through the text, have a go at the ordering activity and finally try the quiz.

Now have a go at the cut and stick activity below. There is an answer sheet so you can check your work.

I know how much you enjoy colouring, so I've put some fossil colouring below in case you have time and want to complete it.

Reading Live at 2.45pm

Mrs Soley will be reading another one of her 'Custard Castle' stories called 'The Surprising Storm' live at 2.45pm on Google Classroom.

For your follow up activity, she would like you to consider: If you could control the weather, what would you get it to do and why? Draw a picture to show what it would be like.