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Friday 5th February

Happy Friday! Here is a morning message from me:

Friday 4th February Morning Message

And here are some Flash and Fred pictures because you can never have too many!
Here is a message from Mrs Soley - it tells you what you need for next week's art and cooking activities, so make sure you have a read through.


Here is today's PE challenge and also a fun game of PE-style battleships which you might want to try today or over the weekend.

It's fancy dress Friday today! I wonder what costume he will have today?


Today you are going to be continuing with your work on the Mayan number system. You will be finding out about how Mayans recorded numbers which were larger than 19.

Start by working through the Powerpoint below.

*I've also saved it as a PDF in case you are having problems opening Powerpoint presentations.*

Hopefully now you understand how the Mayan number system works for numbers which are larger than 19. Remember to work out what each row represents and then add the rows together to work out the total number being shown. 

Have a go at working out which numbers are being shown on the sheet below. If you're confident then you could have a go at both sheets which go up to some very large numbers!

I've attached the answers so you can check your work. I've also attached a document showing how to work them out in case you're still unsure.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, then have a look at the website below which has a Mayan number game on for you to try.

11.30am PE Live

Southampton Football Club will be doing another live PE lesson for you to join in with at home today. Your parents should have been sent the link for this on Parentmail.


It is Friday today, which means spelling test day! I have made a video of your spelling test for you to use. Remember that you can pause/replay this as many times as you need to. Or you can ask an adult to read the sentences out for you. Then check your work.

Spelling Test 5th February

1.30pm Celebration Assembly Live

Mr Woolley will be doing his weekly celebration assembly today at 1.30pm. Your parents will have been sent a link on Parentmail. I'll be joining from home so hope to 'see' you there.


Mrs Soley has prepared another cooking lesson for you today. This time you will be making burritos. They look delicious and I will definitely be trying these soon! First watch the video and then open the recipe. Make sure you send us some pictures of your yummy creations.

Spicy burritos