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Wednesday 24th February 2021

Good morning Class 1


Still image for this video
Take a look at how well one of our class members did with her retelling of the story "The 3 Little Pigs".  If anyone else would like to share their retelling, please send it over and I will add it to tomorrow's web page.

Video (4).mov

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Letters and Sounds

Play Grab a Giggling Grapheme to practise your sounds.  Challenge yourself with the ones you need to practise.

Join in with saying the phrases for each digraph.

digraph run through

Jolly Phonics songs ch, sh, th, ng

Now watch the Alphablocks programme - How Now Brown Cow.
Today we are going to learn a new tricky word - it is the word 'was'.  If you sound it out it says 'wass' and there is no such word as 'wass' so we just have to remember 'was'.  The easy bit is the w at the beginning.  Watch the was song below and by the end of that, you might just remember the word 'was'!
We have practised reading 'no' and 'go' in the past.  Today we are going to practise writing those - really easy, 2 sounds so only 2 letters, the first letter in each word is as it sounds and the second sound is just the letter "o" - no digraph.  We are going to use rainbow writing to practise writing these two words.  You have the choice of using crayons, felt-tips or coloured pencils to write the words in different colours, or if you prefer paints, go for a paintbrush and paint.  Don't forget Nobby when you write the letter 'n'!
Then have a game of Little Bird Spelling on  Click on the orange bird house and practise the words in there.  Have fun.
Finally, click on Caption Clips below and select Phase 2, number 25, (go to the log hut).  Watch the animation and read the caption as you press the grapheme bar.  Can you then rewrite the caption on your own - have a go?  If that's too tricky, write it with the computer.  Tick every letter and space that you get right - what will your score be?  You could score 17! Parents, please could you draw lines for your child to write on.

Today's Get Active exercise

Number Time

Let's start today off with counting back from 20 with the video below.

First of all, help the 2 animals to order the jumbled numerals from 1 to 10.  Then watch out for the cheeky kangaroo and see which numerals he swaps around and turns upside down in the line of numbers.  Then it's your turn to order numerals 1 to 10.  Ask your grown-up to swap numerals around after and see if you can work out what they have done.  If you want to challenge yourself further, why not see if you can name and order numerals to 15 or 20.  There are numerals 1 to 10 to side the of the video and numerals 1 to 20 below.


Please spend a few minutes reading on Bug Club.

Google "bug club", then click on ActiveLearn login, then complete as below:


User name: initial and surname eg, jmason (no space)

Password: class2     

School code: h9m6

Art with Mrs Miller

Watch my video and learn how to make your own marbled paper. It's super fun and super messy!


Marbled art

Click on each of the pictures below to see up close what fabulous patterns you can make.