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History / English

This is the last week of our Romans topic. So I would like you to finish our topic by doing some research on one area of Roman life that interests you. You will have 3 lessons to carry out your research and present the information. On Thursday morning, we will have a live lesson so everyone can share what they have found out. 

I have gathered some website links and copied some information to help you get started.

You can choose one of the topics below or if you want to choose a different area to research, that is fine.

If you have a book of your own about Romans, you can use this.

You can also do more research using the internet if you would like to.


In today's lesson, you need to firstly choose what aspect of Roman life you would like to research. 

Then watch the video link and read the text about this topic.

Make notes about what you have found out. Remember that notes don't need to be in full sentences, they can just be bullet points with the main information.