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Day 2 Class 1


Today we are going to carry on learning to retell the story of The Noisy House.  Take part in Lesson 3 where you will learn to tell the story in chunks by stepping it out and then Lesson 4 sees you retelling the story using actions and no words at all  - I really do think you will have a lot of fun joining in with this lesson - I did!!!.  Again, I would do one of the lessons in the morning and one in the afternoon.  At the end of the 4 lessons, you should be in a very good position to retell the whole story to anyone who will listen - you can always tell it alongside Adam in lesson 5 on another day if you want to.  

Now lets have fun singing some action songs.  See if you can sing all of the words and keep up with the actions too - try the couple below.

Number Time

Have a look at the counting activities.  Try and do at least 2 of the activities - you can use whatever objects you like.  When counting, make sure you touch each item as you say the number name and don't count too fast!

Join in singing the nursery rhymes below.  See if you can count on your fingers to help you.

Understanding the World - To Name and Describe Feelings

When we are at home or at school, we can experience many different feelings for a variety of reasons.  The lesson below will help you to name those feelings and the types of faces that accompany those feelings.  


Why not finish up the day with some gentle exercises to music.  See if you can make your body do exactly the same as the lady.