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Friday 8th January 2021

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a good day yesterday and are starting to come to grips with the activities on offer.  I must say that it was so cold yesterday that I barely put a toe outside the door but I'm back in school again today.  I can see there is a bit of a frost outside - I hope your ice creations have taken shape over night - do send in photos of them for us all to see.  Why not wrap up warm today and get outside and have a good look at frosty things up close and see how frost sounds when you tread in it.  Have a lovely day.

Letters and Sounds

Today we are going to remind ourselves of the digraph qu on the part 1 video, and then the part 2 video practises letter identification and blending and building words.  You may want to undertake the videos at separate times of the day if that is better for your child.

Now to remind ourselves of the sound the letter z makes, watch the Alpha Blocks clip below.

Number Time

Have a listen to the story "None is the number" by clicking on the link below.  Just before Christmas we learnt that 0 means nothing and here is a story that starts with zero too.  Then sing along with the monsters in the first song below and see if you can put up the right amount of fingers (or toes!) at the right time.  (There are a lot more songs after the monster song so you may have to click right at the beginning of the video to see and hear the monster song if the video starts half way through).  Have fun!

Watch the White Rose maths video where it focuses on the vocabulary of the word "more".  Have a go at the same game the lady plays afterwards - there are resources attached to the side of the video that you can print out and use.  I would say that many of our children are confident using the word "more" and understand the meaning of it.  They are less confident and familiar with the word "fewer" and you could flip the game on its head and play it so that the winner of each round is the person with "fewer" items on their cards.  For maximum mathematical benefit from these games, it is necessary for both players to keep speaking to each other and using the words 'more' and 'fewer'.  We are watching the video in the topic 'Alive In 5', Week1, session 4.


How did the ice making go yesterday?  If you were able to make any good ice creations, take a photo and send it over to me on the class email ( and we can share it with the rest of the class on the gallery.  We didn't get any snow where we live but further north in England and in parts of Scotland too, there has been snow this week.  Watch the clip below to listen to one little boy's thoughts and experiences of snow in winter.

Winter Art

Mrs Miller has made a video on how to make a wintery picture.  She has used the colour blue in different shades, along with the colour white, to make a picture of her son with a wintery feel.  We had planned to make these this week in school so it would be good if you could make one of these at home and maybe you could help a brother or sister to make one too.  They would look great on the wall.  If you watch the video, you can't go wrong.  Please send over your finished picture by email so that we can see how it came out.  

Cooking Time

Miss Newton is going to make some cookery videos for you to try.  Today you can learn how to make bananna cupcakes - delicious!  Happy baking and painting - have a lovely weekend.

Dairy/Egg Free Banana Cupcakes

Banana Cupcakes