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Wednesday May 6th


Start by doing the board calculations below. Remember to mark your answers.


Year 3

Can I subtract money?

Watch the video for today which is Week 3 Lesson 3

The worksheets are saved below with an additional challenge if you would like to.

Year 4

Can I divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number?

Go to the White Rose Website and watch video at Week 3 Lesson 3


Can I spell words with the suffix ous where the root words end in e ?

This is our last lesson on the ous suffix. Work through the Powerpoint presentation saved below. Then spend some time learning your spelling sentences ready for your test tomorrow. (No lessons on Friday as it is a bank holiday)


Can I identify verbs and verb families?

Go to the webpage below


Watch the first clip to revise what verbs are. Then Watch the second clip which explains about verb tenses. Complete the 2 online activities to practise what you have learnt.

There is an activity sheet saved below.


If you have time, you can do the second activity as well.


This is the second lesson Miss Kimber has planned for you. You are learning about food again today. The Powerpoint presentation is saved below.



Can I sing a major scale?

This is lesson 3 of the music lessons. Follow the link below and enjoy the lesson!