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Monday 22nd February

Good morning and welcome back to a new half term. I hope you all had a lovely week off. Here is a morning message from me:

Monday 22nd February Morning Message

And here are some photos from my half term:


Nick, our School Games Organiser, has sent through some more PE challenges for us to work through this week. Here is today's one, I hope you enjoy it.

I will be joining in with PE with Joe at school today. It's Monday - so it will be a proper workout today!


Start by working through the warm up video below. Pause the video when it says, work through the calculations, then watch the video to see if you are correct.

Monday Maths Warm Up

Today, you are going to be starting a new unit of Maths looking at how we calculate the perimeter, area and volume of shapes. In this lesson, you will be measuring perimeter. You will need a ruler for this activity.

Watch the White Rose video, complete the worksheet and then check your answers.

Here are a couple of clues for the 'Get Ready' part of the video:

1cm = 10mm

Quadrilateral - think about what 'quad' means', how many sides do these shapes have?

*The answers on the answer sheet are very precise. It is very difficult to measure exactly to the nearest mm, so please don't worry if your answer is a couple mm out! In tests, you usually still get the answer correct even if your answer is a couple mm either side of the exact answer.*

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the perimeter word problems below.

I've attached my workings and answers so you can check your work.

10am Assembly Live

Mr Woolley will be doing a whole school assembly today at 10am on Google Classroom. Login as normal and then choose the Whole School Assembly link. I'll be watching from school too.

11am Class Four Live Catch Up

I thought it would be nice to all get together on Google Classroom to say hi and share what we have been up to in half term. Join the link at 11am and I'll see you there!


On the first day back after a holiday, we always write a recount about something you did - often you choose to write about your favourite day. 

It was a strange half term as we were all in lockdown and not able to do some of the things we would normally do during school holidays. However, I'm sure you were all able to do some nice things with your family. Perhaps you did something to celebrate Valentines Day? Maybe you made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? Or you may have done something to mark Ash Wednesday - giving up something or trying to do something extra throughout Lent?

Today, you will be planning your recount on the sheet below and then tomorrow you will be writing it.

I'm looking forward to hearing about what you've been up to. I will put my recount up tomorrow for you so you can find out about my holiday too.


We are starting work on a new spelling pattern this week. Work through the activities on the Powerpoint below.

*I've included this as a PDF as well in case you have problems opening the Powerpoint*

Now have a go at finding the -tious words in the wordsearch.
Start practising your spelling sentences ready for your test on Friday.