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Thursday 2nd April

Good morning, question for today "Have you done any reading?"

Morning Job - look at the two photos of the lilac shrub. What differences do you notice? 

Take another photo the plant from your garden, what differences do you notice in your own garden? 


Y1  -   Choose a story to read and then tell someone about it.

Y 2  -  Choose one of the reading comprehensions to complete. They are the sheets with a paragraph of writing at the top and then sentences with missing words at the bottom of the sheet. 


Make an Easter card, you can choose whatever you would like to make it with - painting, tissue paper, collage, drawing. One of the photos has used coloured salt! 

Easter Cards



Year 1

How did you get on with the Finding Half sheet yesterday? If you didn’t finish, you can finish it off today. 

When you are all done, I would like you to play a fractions game! Follow the link below to play BBC Bitesize Karate Cats Maths. When you click on the game, you need to select ‘Fractions’ when it asks you to select a topic. Try Bronze level first, then if you feel like challenging yourself you can have a go at Silver level. Good luck! If you finish quickly, you can choose a different maths topic to play. Have fun!

Year 2


Today you are going to learn about recognising a third. This will be your last fractions lesson! After Easter, you will be moving onto a new topic. Click on the link to White Rose Maths, click on Week 2 and find Lesson 1: Recognise a third.

First watch a video, then click on the activity to find the worksheet. 

If you finish quickly, you can go onto BBC Bitesize games and play Karate Cat Maths (follow the link above under Year 1 maths). Make sure you select fractions when it asks you to select a topic.