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Tuesday 25th March 2020

Good morning everybody, I hope you all had a good day yesterday. 

I managed to get a load of ironing done, lots of house work and ate my lunch outside in the sunshine in the garden.  In the afternoon, I managed to spend some time in the greenhouse where I potted on all the marigolds you had grown from seed in school, which have been sitting in the library for a couple of weeks, into pots of their very own.  So now they should grow nice and big and have lots of yellow flowers.  I'll keep you posted as to how they progress.  (Sorry mums, they were meant to be part of your mother's day present, but we ran out of time to pot them on last week!).


Has anyone managed to have a go at Sport Dave's PE challenge which is to do as many sit ups as you can in 30 seconds?  I must admit that it's been a long time since I've done sit ups, but I gave it a go and managed 11 indecision.  I'll have another go tomorrow and I won't give up!   Has any one done any bettter than me?  See if you can beat your score again tomorrow. 



Letters and Sounds

Run through all your sounds using the link below:


Then play the yellow Tricky word song, sing along and see if you can write the words down as they come on to the screen at the same time.

Next, practise writing a few  letter ks from the yellow handwriting sheets that I sent home in your pack and then copy the tricky word "like" into your book (using a beautifully written k) and see how many times you can write it down in a list one under the other in one minute - get someone to time you - go!.  Then try it again and see if you can beat your score.  For any one that likes a challenge, can you work out how many times you wrote it altogether by adding the two amounts together?  Put the first number in your head and count on.  


Watch the Geraldine the Giraffe video below to recap the digraph "th" and then have a game of Poop Deck Pirates (on the ICT Games website)  using th and ch words (you will have to select the "Literacy" tab and then scroll down to Poop Deck Pirates).


Finally answer the question, what do you like to do in the garden?  Start your answer with I like..... don't forget your full stop at the end.

Number Time

You can start this lesson off with watching another version of the story which has been acted out this time.  Then, carry out lesson number 2 of "Going on an egg hunt" - listen to the lesson and join in.   When you have finished, can you count how many objects you have altogether in your egg box - it will be a big number?  Can you also practise writing two numbers that you find a little tricky to write. 



Creative Time

Following on from our egg hunt theme, I thought it would be fun and interesting to decorate your own egg.  Ask somebody at home to hard boil an egg for you and let it go cold (or you may have a polystyrene egg at home you could use).  Then have a go at transforming your egg into something very different.  You could colour or paint it with bright colours, or add glitter and stick sequins and other crafty bits on it to make it look a little zingy, or you could totally transform it into an animal/monster/person/fish/dinosaur etc by using the egg as a body and then adding different features of your chosen being.  Have a look at the examples below to see what other people have done.  It would be great to place pictures of any that have been completed on this website to share with each other.  Please email them over to the Class 1 email address and I will post them online for us all to see and share.  Happy crafting!

Decorated Eggs for Easter