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Thursday 25th June

Year 3

Can I calculate perimeter ?

Click on the link to go to your lesson video:


I have realised that the worksheet you did yesterday was the one that should be done today with today's video. 

So if you didn't get yesterday's work done do the lesson below called 'Calculating perimeter'

If you did yesterday's worksheet, please do the worksheet called 'Measuring perimeter' which should have gone with yesterday's lesson. Sorry everyone. 

Your worksheets, answer sheets and extra challenge questions are saved below.

Year 4

Can I solve problems involving amounts of money ?

Click on the link and watch the video for Week 9 lesson 4

Solve problems with money


The worksheet, answers and a challenge sheet are saved below.


Can I understand the purpose of quotes ?


Read the quotes on the last page of the brochure.

Who has said these things?

What do each of these say?

How do they persuade the reader?


Your task today is to gather your own quotes about Upham school. Remember they are positive statements about the best of our school! I would like you to write your own quote first. Then try to find someone in your family to ask the question: What is the best thing about Upham school? Write down what they say. 

Finally, if you can, I would like you to contact someone else in the class to ask them the same question. You could email, Facetime or phone but remember to ask an adult first. Write down what your friend says.

Use the quotes you have written to make your own page in your brochure.




Can I spell words with s phoneme spelt sc?

Play the ten strikes and you are out game on the Powerpoint saved below.


Today we will be looking at why baptism is important to Christians.

Some Christians baptise their children as babies - the Christian church calls this Christening. Some Christians are baptised as older children or adults - this is usually a full immersion baptism, which means that the person goes fully under the water. This is called Believer's Baptism.

Watch the video to find out more.

When Christians decide to start a journey having a personal relationship with Jesus, this is called conversion and baptism is a public way of showing that their new life is beginning.

Maybe your parents decided to have you christened as a baby. Maybe one day you will want to start a journey knowing Jesus for yourself and go through a believer's baptism.

Baptism represents a new start in life. Have you ever had a new start in life? Maybe you have moved house, become part of a new family or started at a new school.

Write a short account of a time where you experienced a new start. Think about what, where, when and how it happened - give details about how you felt about your new start and how you feel now looking back at that experience. If you want to you can draw a picture to go with your writing. 

Send them in to Mrs Lambert and I will look forward to reading them!


Can I clap to the pulse of a song in 3 and  4 time ?


Join in with the activities on this National Oak Academy lesson. Click on the link below to reach the website: