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Wednesday 1st July

Good morning Class 2!


I hope you have had a lovely couple of days with Mrs Sothcott. I'm looking forward to the next few days with you all! I'm sure you are all sad that Miss Renno has now left us as I know you have had a lovely year with her being your teacher but I know we will continue to do amazing work and enjoy our learning together.


Have a lovely day!


Mrs Pilgrim




Year 1: last week we were looking at adding s and es to make nouns plural. This week we are continuing to revise this. Please have a look at the PowerPoint to remind you why we add s and es. You can also use it to help you complete your worksheets. There are two worksheets to have a go at today and a wordsearch, but it is up to you which worksheet to try and the wordsearch is an extra challenge if you would like to have a go!


Year 2: last term we learned about adding the suffix ed to verbs to make them past tense verbs. This week we will be revising this grammar rule. Have a look at the PowerPoint and then try as many of the worksheets as you would like.

Year 2 adding ed PowerPoint

Year 1 adding s and es PowerPoint



Year 1:

Today we are going to continue learning to recognise coins. Click on the link below for your Recognising Coins lesson. There is some information about different coins for you to read. Then there is an interactive activity for you to have a go at. Finally there is a worksheet. I have attached the worksheet on this page below the website link.

Year 2:

Yesterday you learnt how to read and draw block diagrams. Today you are going to use what you have learnt so far to answer questions about block diagrams. Click on the document below. There are three different activity cards. The left hand page of each card has some information for grown ups. Look at each block graph and read each question carefully. You can write your answers in your maths book.



This week in French we will be learning about animals. We will learn how to ask if you have a pet and we will also learn some different animal names.


Watch the video to learn more!

Animals in French: As-tu un animal?

Learn Animal names in French: Pets, farm animals and more. Learn vocabulary in Sections. Pause and repeat. Qu'est-ce que c'est? Free French for kids. A Green...

Now you have watched the video practise asking the question ‘As-tu un animal?’ and then answering the question. For example:

As-tu un animal?

Oui, j’ai un chien.

You might like to make up your answer with a pet you’d really like to have!


Now have a go at this worksheet. Use the video to help you!

Animals in French worksheet



Now have a go at this more challenging sheet! Bon courage!