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Wednesday 24th June


The board calculations are here for you to do today. The answers are saved below. Please remember to mark these and do any corrections if you have them.

Year 3

Can I measure perimeter?

Click on this link to go to the lesson for today:


Your worksheet, answer sheet and extra challenge questions are saved below.

Year 4

Can I estimate amounts of money ?


Click on the link. Watch the video for Week 9 day 3


The worksheet answers and additional challenge questions are saved below.



Today I would like you to write 2 more pages for your Upham school brochure. 

Keep looking back at the school brochure and use some of the persuasive vocabulary. Remember to use plenty of photographs or pictures. Organise your writing into paragraphs and remember to use sub-headings.






I can discuss Jennifer Angus's work ?


Read the information about the artist Jennifer Angus on Slide 5 on the Powerpoint below. Look at examples of her work on Slides 7-9

Choose one of these images and answer the questions below (also on Slide 6)  You can discuss these questions with an adult or make some notes.


Look at your image.

What can you see in the picture?

Which material has been used to make the artwork?

What has the artist made?

Why do you think the artist made it?

How does the image make you feel?

Do you think her work is controversial? Why?


Look at the examples of insect sculptures on Slides 10-13. Today I would like you to plan an insect sculpture that you will make in next week's lesson. Find an image of an insect that you want to make.

Look carefully at the shape of each part of this insect's body. 

Think about how you are going to make this shape. What materials will you need to collect ready for next Wednesday?




Times tables 

Spend some time working on your times tables. Use your flash cards, sing times tables songs, or go onto a website to play some games.