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May Half Term

Hi Class Four, happy Monday and happy half term!

I am just going to write a message today for this week as you (and me!) need a break from the home learning so that we are all refreshed and re-energised (look at that lovely hyphen spelling, Mrs Kimble would be proud!) ready for our next half term. I am going to put a few nice activities on this page which you might want to do in the week if you fancy them, but they are completely optional.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. The weather on Saturday wasn't great at all, was it? I managed to do my cake delivery walk in the morning in the dry, and then spent most of the day glossing. On Sunday, I went for a long socially distanced run around the river and Stoke Park Woods with Mrs Pilgrim which was lovely. Then I did more glossing (I've finished all the glossing upstairs now and made a start on downstairs, so it is getting there slowly). In the afternoon, I did some school work outside in the garden so I could get away from the smell! I had some lovely news that one of my friends from secondary school had given birth to twin girls, so I'm looking forward to meeting them once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Have a great week, enjoy the lovely weather which is forecasted for us and spend lots of time doing nice things with your families.

See you back on here next Monday ready to start our new topic together smiley

Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Happy Bank Holiday Monday class 4,

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, apart from Saturday, the weather has been kind to us.  I had a very exciting time, I got to see my daughter and grandson after all this time.  We drove over to her house and had a socially distanced walk around where she lives.  She has a problem with her car again so is unable to drive anywhere now.  As you can imagine, Mr Soley and I were very excited to go and see them.  It was lovely to see that Jacob had not forgotten us and smiled and laughed when he saw us. 

On Friday, Mr Soley got a lovely surprise.  Unknown to him, I had ordered an afternoon tea to be delivered.  I had ordered it back at the beginning of May and Friday (22nd) was the first date available for them to send it to me.  I’m guessing that lots of other people had had the same idea as me as they couldn’t go out for afternoon tea.  It was delivered right in the middle of a PE session so I had to answer the door in a sweaty mess but the lady laughed and I breathlessly told her “Joe Wicks”.  I then had the problem of keeping this a secret until Mr Soley had finished work.  Would you believe I hid the box in the laundry basket?  Well, I knew Mr Soley wouldn’t go in there.  I had ordered the one without any clotted cream or chilled goods so I knew it was safe for now.  When Mr Soley finished work, I told him he had to stay upstairs until I called him down.  I quietly (very difficult) made us some filled rolls and his favourite sandwiches and set the table ready before I called him down.  He was very surprised when he saw everything set out and admitted to feeling very hungry as he had had a very small lunch.  You can see from the photo that we had plenty to eat and subsequently couldn’t finish it but had a very good try.  We had some delicious fudge cookies (of which we have four left) and I gave the vanilla fudge to Mr Soley as he likes it.  It was nice to be able to enjoy something that we would normally go to a café or a hotel for.  The only downside, I did the washing up.  Oh well, never mind, it was worth it. 

My other photo is of Jacob.  He has become a little mischief since lockdown especially as he is getting around more quickly now.  He can crawl at an amazing rate.  Unfortunately, now he has discovered how to open the freezer.  His mummy has installed various cupboard locks but not on the freezer.  I think he was after the mini milk ice lollies which were on the top shelf, bless him!

Can you believe it is already half term?  So, enjoy your time off and hopefully, all being well, I shall see you back at school on 1st June.  Fingers crossed the weather stays good and as we can get outside more, we will be able to continue enjoying the fresh air and lovely countryside. 

Bye for now, see you soon.

Mrs Soley xx

Here are some activities which you might want to do over half term:


1. A murder mystery activity (as I know you all love these when we do them in class!)

2. Some Spring themed mindfulness colouring - I love sitting down quietly doing some colouring, I find it very calming and restful.
3. A Maths activity booklet. There are different activities on each page - codes to crack, games to play, mosaics to colour...
4. A nice page to record some of your favourite things from the half term, a bit like a mini half term journal.
5. Some more Greek stories to read as I know lots of you have really enjoyed these this term.
6. Some cooking - these are the cakes which I made on Friday for Mrs Soley, Mrs Pilgrim and Mrs Steele. They were quite easy to make so you could give them a go if you fancy some baking.