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Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning everyone,

Bright blue skies again and the prospect of another beautiful day so do try to spend some time outside today if you can.  My carrot tops look absolutely no different to when I put them in the soil or water, but I shall continue to observe over the weekend.  I checked my little bantams yesterday and they are now sitting on 2 eggs each so fingers crossed.  Please send over your "special thing" writing and pictures when it is complete so we can share with everyone.  It doesn't have to be very long and we can all sound out words and write them down with a little help - adults don't let them tell you that they can't do it - they can!!!!  Also, if you get a chance over the next day or two, have a go at drawing the sheep with Rob Biddolph (see afternoon activity below).  It really was very easy to do but also looked very effective.  You could all sit as a family and draw your own flock together!  Have a lovely weekend everyone.  

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sound cards.  If you have a piece of chalk, you could practise your tricky words by playing tricky word hopscotch or writing in flour! (see attached) . Now have a go at writing the sentence:  There is a bug in here.

Now have a game of "Dinosaur Eggs High Frequency Words".  This will help you get better and better at reading common words quickly. You can choose whether you want to concentrate on set 1, 2 or 3.
Then, if you have a printer, print off the game attached and see how many fish you can feed to the penguin.  If you don't have a printer, read each word and ask your adult to pretend to be the penguin and pretend to feed them!
If you would like to practise your phonics with an adult, click on the Read Write Inc link below.  Set 1 is qu, set 2 is oo and set 3 is oa.

Number Time

Watch Week 4, Lesson 5 of Oak Academy Maths - Finding one more than a number to 20.

Now click on Day 5 of The Very Busy Spider maths activities.  This is all about using positional language.


Take a look at PE Dave's latest PE videos - there is one practising passing a football and another about playing Dodge Ball.  Looks fun. 

Drawing A Sheep


Alternatively, or additionally, you might like to have a go at drawing a sheep with Rob Biddulph.  He takes you through in simple steps how to draw one like the ones in his books - it seems quite easy to do and looks very effective and fits in perfectly with our Farm topic.  Take a deep breath and give it a go, you may very well surprise yourself.  It's picture lesson number 14. Actually, I’ve just had a go and it is pretty straight forward - my attempt is near the top of this webpage.