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Can I order the events in a story? Can I write a story in my own words?

Read through the legend of Romulus and Remus again. 

On the document below, there are 8 pictures from the story. I would like you to cut out the pictures and put them in order. 

Then write 1 or 2  sentences for each picture to retell the legend in your own words. Remember to use full stops and capital letters for each sentence and use capital letters for names of people and places (proper nouns). Remember to think about your handwriting as well. Remember to join all your letters (except capital letters.)

When you have finished, read your story aloud. Does it all make sense? Is there anything you could change to improve it?


You can email your story to me at the class website:

A small request regarding this. If possible, when you take a photo of your work could you please send it so it is the right way up! It can be either portrait or landscape. I have set up a Class 3 gallery ready to display work you send in. It is so much easier to add pictures to this if they are sent in this way. Thank you !

If you would prefer that your work does not go into the gallery, just let me know. 

There are already a few lovely pieces of work in there for you to have a look at. 

I look forward to seeing what you have written later today. 


Can I spell words with y with i sound 


Here are the spelling sentence for this week. We are looking at words spelt with y with a short i sound.

Spend some time today practising your sentences. Your test will be next week. I will read the sentences out for you.


Spelling sentences 8.1.21 Test 15.1.21

In a typical week, we do gym and go swimming.

We are busy reading many Roman myths and legends.

How we learnt the lyrics to the hymn so quickly was a mystery.