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Friday 29th January

Here is a morning message for you:

Friday 29th January Morning Message

And some Flash and Fred pictures because they are soooooo cute!
Here is a message from Mrs Soley for you. It has a list of the resources you will need for art next week and the ingredients you will need for cooking.


I wonder what fancy dress costume Joe will be wearing for his PE session today? I'll be joining in at school today!


Today you are going to be working through some Mayan-themed word problems. For each problem, read the question carefully, think about which method you could use to solve it, carry out the calculation(s) and then record your answer in a sentence.

Both worksheets have the same questions on, but the first option has extra clues to help you work out how to solve the problems if you need them.

I've attached my workings and answers so you can check your work once you are finished.

11.30am PE Live

Southampton Football Club will be doing another live PE lesson for you to join in with at home today. I'll be joining in at school too. Your parents should have been sent a link on Parentmail.

There are also some PE challenges for you to complete today or over the weekend, including a fun game of noughts and crosses!


It is Friday, which means spelling test day! I have made a video of your spelling test for you to use. Remember that you can pause/replay this as many times as you need too. Or you can ask an adult to read the sentences out for you. Then check your work.

Spelling Test Friday 29th January

1.30pm Celebration Assembly Live

Mr Woolley will be doing his weekly celebration assembly today at 1.30pm. Your parents will have been sent a link on Parentmail. I'll be joining from school and hope to 'see' you there.


Mrs Soley has prepared another cooking lesson for you today, this time making a Mayan dessert - it looks delicious! First, watch the three short videos and then open the recipe to try making it yourself.

Maya milk pud 1

Mayan Milk Pudding Part 2

Mayan Milk Pudding Part 3