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Can I plan my collage of the Iron Man?


Next week, we will start making the collages of the Iron Man. You will be working with a partner to do this work but today I would like you to start planning your ideas that you can share with your partner next week.


You will be painting a background landscape in the first lesson, then using a variety of different items to stick onto your picture to make the collage of the Iron Man.


In your plan, first sketch out your landscape background. It could be on the beach, on the cliff top or in a farmer's field.


Next draw out your design for the Iron Man collage. Think about the shapes of different parts of the Iron Man's body.

Then you need to label some of your ideas for items your will use on your collage eg metal nuts for his eyes, aluminium foil for his body, pieces of copper tube for his legs. If you could collect some items to bring into school next week to use, that would be fantastic!