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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Good Morning from Mrs Miller


Click on the link below to see a message from Mrs Miller smiley

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds by playing Phonics Pop on the website ICT  Choose the sounds you need to practise.

Now we are going to learn another digraph which is the digraph sh.  Watch the two Letters and Sounds videos at different times of the day.  If you are somebody who likes a challenge, see if you can write the sh words that Josh sounds out towards the end of the first video.  Ask your adult to write sh at the top of your paper so that you can remember how to write it and see if you can write the words as he sounds them out.  There are 3 in all.  Check with your adult after each one to see if you got it right.  Good luck.

Number Time

Today we are going to explore how many children are riding on a bus and how many children are waiting at the bus stop and how many children there are altogether in total.  Again we are representing our findings in five or tens frames and with numerals.  Click on the link below for White Rose Maths, Alive in 5, Week 2, session 2.

Have  a go at today's fitness challenge below.

Winter and Hibernation

This week we are going to be learning about what the word hibernation means.  If you think you know, why don't you tell your grown-up now.  There are quite a few animals in the UK who hibernate in winter time for different reasons and therefore you rarely see these animals in the winter months.  Have a look at the powerpoint below to find out all about hibernation.

Now have another watch of the short film about the hedgehog and notice how it hibernates in winter and how it makes it nest.
Now using everything you have found out today about animals that hibernate, see if you can cut out and group the animals into two groups - those animals that hibernate and those that don't hibernate.
Below is a nice story about a hedgehog trying to hibernate.