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Sunday 29th March

Another beautiful morning Class Four - but I think it will be a cold one today, there was a very cold wind blowing in when I let Flash out for his morning garden toilet trip this morning!

Yesterday I spent some time pruning plants and digging holes to put some lovely plants in the garden which a friend had given to me. Later in the afternoon, I unpacked a few boxes of books onto my bookcase. Although I moved just over 6 months ago, the house is a huge project, and I only finished painting and having the carpet laid in the spare bedroom in the week we finished at school. It's so exciting to be unpacking and sorting things when I've been living out of boxes for so long!

In the afternoon yesterday, I found a note had been pushed through my letterbox. It said 'You will find some flowers on your doorstep. I hope they will make you smile during this difficult time. From a neighbour.' There was a bunch of beautiful peach roses on the doorstep. My neighbour said she had received a bunch too and neither of us know who they are from. It was such a kind and thoughtful gesture and really brightened up my afternoon. It made me think - I wonder what kind deeds you have been doing at home? Have you been helping family with chores or offering to look after/help younger siblings? Have you been able to award any kindness certificates?

Another thing I did yesterday was have a go at Sports Dave's sit up challenge. Have any of you had a go? I only managed 18, so not as strong as Dave! Here's the proof...

Dave's Sit Up Challenge

Although I had success uploading this video, Mrs Soley and I have had so much difficulty trying to get the next installment of the bedtime story to you. We cannot get the videos to upload to the website or to YouTube. So instead, Mrs Soley has suggested e-mailing each installment to you as an audio file each day which you will hopefully be able to open using Windows Media Player or a similar programme. If you would like to receive this, then just drop us an e-mail and we will add you to the group we e-mail it too. Hopefully this will work instead (don't worry, we are really persevering to try and get this to you!!!).

Have a lovely Sunday,

Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Hello Class 4,

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Here are a few photos from my Saturday. First Mr Soley and I painted a wall in our kitchen, it had needed doing for quite a while (we had a new kitchen last Summer) and we had the time! After lunch we went for a lovely long walk through Otterbourne where we saw these wonderful horses, in the sunshine their coats were very glossy. Later on I finished crocheting my Easter chick, he's a bit wonky in places but he held my mini eggs well. As some of you know, I started crocheting properly when I found out I was going to be a grandma so it's still quite new. I haven't had time recently to make anything so this week has been the ideal time. I wonder what you have had time to do this week that you don't normally do. Have you tried something different, picked up a new skill? If you have, let us know. We love hearing your news.

For now, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Love from Mrs Soley x