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Day 1 Class 2



Year 1: You will be revising the sounds ay, ai, oi, oy and ou today. I have found some fun activities for you to do. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.


Year 2: You will be recapping some Phase 5 sounds today. There are 3 activities for you to do including a drawing one. I can't wait to see your pictures!



Click on the link below and watch this video:

Now watch it again and talk about the following:


  • How is the girl feeling at the beginning of the video?
  • Where is she?
  • What does she find?
  • What happens to the girl?
  • How does the girl feel at the end of the video?
  • Why does she put the bubbles back on the beach?


You are going to create a storyboard to retell the Bubbles video. Click on the correct storyboard for your year group and print it off. If you don't have a printer at home, you can draw your own.

Here are some sound mats to help you to spell each word carefully:

Maths: Adding numbers


Year 1: I can add two 1-digit numbers.

You will need 2 dice, some paper and a pencil or a whiteboard and pen. There is a number line below for you to print too.

Roll both dice and look at the numbers. Which number does each dice show? 

Write an addition number sentence on your paper/board.

How could you add the numbers together to find the total? You could count the dots or you could use a number line to count on. Have a look at my example below: 

Now roll the dice again. Keep going! 

Year 2: I can add three 1-digit numbers.

You will need three dice, a paper and pencil or a whiteboard and pen.

Roll the three dice. Write an addition number sentence to add the three numbers together.

Think about how you could solve this. Should you add the largest numbers first? Are you going to count the dots to find the total? Are you going to use your number bonds to help you? Look at my example below:

Now roll the dice again. Keep going!

Autumn Nature Hunt


Tomorrow we will be doing some Autumn artwork. Today you are going to be gathering ideas.

Watch this Autumn Power Point:

Now I would like you to go outside in your garden or for a walk. Click on the Autumn Nature Hunt document below and print it out to take with you. Can you find all of the things on there? You might want to take a bag with you to gather some bits to bring home to help with your art tomorrow. You could gather some interesting leaves, sticks and seeds. You could ask your grown up to help you take some photographs too. Have fun!