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Monday 19th July

Good Morning Class 2!


I hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine! I enjoyed playing in our paddling pool in the garden with Finley and Lewis. It was so hot! I think the weather is going to be nice again today so try and spend some time outside in your garden if you can!

This week in school is Multicultural Week and Class 2 will be learning all about Cuba.  We will be doing lots of lovely things this week all to do with life in Cuba. Start today by colouring in the Cuban flag below. Use a book or the Internet to find out which colour each part of the flag should be.

Let's find out about Cuba!


Have you got a children's atlas book at home? If you have, you could use that to look up Cuba. If you haven't got an atlas at home, you could use the Internet to do some research. Start by looking at the world map below. If you have your own map or globe at home, you could use that instead.  Can you remember the names of the five oceans and seven continents? Can you find Cuba on the map? Where is it in the world? Is it near to the UK or far away? Which countries are close to Cuba? 

Now use your atlas, any books you have at home or the Internet to find out some information about Cuba. You could use the questions below to help you:

  • Which continent does Cuba belong to?
  • Which sea is Cuba in?
  • What is the weather like in Cuba?
  • What is the capital city of Cuba?
  • What is the main language spoken in Cuba?
  • Which currency (money) is used in Cuba?

10am Assembly with Mr Woolley


Log into Google Classroom and join Mr Woolley for assembly at 10am. You can access the Google log in page by following the link on the main Class 2 home learning page. You will need to select 'Whole School Assembly', then click the 'Meet Link' at the top of the page.

Cuba Poster


Earlier this morning you found out lots of facts about Cuba. Now we would like you to make a poster showing us all you have found out. Your poster should:

  • be bright and colourful
  • have a big, bold title
  • include at least one picture or diagram
  • include at least 5 facts about Cuba

Have a look at Mrs Pilgrim's poster below to give you some ideas. I know that Mrs Pilgrim is very proud of her poster!

Please could you bring your finished poster into school tomorrow as we would like to share them all with the rest of the class.



On a Monday afternoon in school, we always practice our handwriting. Click on the Power Point below. You can choose which letters you would like to practice today. You need to launch the Power Point, click on the letter you would like to practice and then click on the pencil to watch how to form the letter correctly. You might like to print out the handwriting sheet below to write your letters on. The lines look the same as the lines in our handwriting books at school!

2pm Google Classroom


Join Mrs Sothcott for a story and a chat about your day. I have attached the Google Classroom information sheet below to help you with logging in. I look forward to seeing you then!



Salsa dancing comes from Cuba so we thought it would be really nice to learn how to do Salsa dancing. Your mums and dads might want to join in!


Watch the below video which will show you how to Salsa!

You can show off your Salsa moves in school tomorrow!



Spend at least 15 minutes reading. You can read one of your books from home or you can log onto Bug Club and read one of the books on there. It's going to be a nice day today so maybe you could find a shady spot in the garden to curl up with a book!

Well done for completing all of your home learning! We are really looking forward to seeing you all back in school tomorrow!


Love from


Mrs Sothcott, Mrs Pilgrim, Miss Newton and Mrs Hayward