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Home Learning


On Friday, we usually practise number skills that we have already learnt.

Today I would like you to do one of the Dip and Pick cards in your pack. I know you all like these!

Either Blue card 8


Red card 7

I'd don't expect you to necessarily finish the card - it is a lot to do in one lesson! Remember to start with the middle question and follow the order of questions on the side.


The answers are below. Remember to mark what you have done and correct any errors you have made.



Start off by asking someone to read out your spelling sentences. Remind them that I usually need to read each sentence a few times.

Good luck.

Mark your sentences when you have finished.

Don't forget if you have done well to have a spelling treat, perhaps a play outside in the garden before you do your writing.


Here are this week's new sentences:

Spelling sentences 27.3.20   Test  3.4.20

The submarine prepared to depart from the harbour.

I’m unhappy if there’s power cut at night as I dislike the dark.

Because the circuit is disconnected, the bulb remains unlit.



Today, I would like you to write a letter to me to tell me all about the things you have done this week. You can either type an e-mail, write it on Word and attach it to the e-mail or you can write it in your book and send me a photograph of your writing. Send to

Don't forget to use the notes you wrote yesterday.

Try to answer the following questions:


What have you enjoyed doing at home?

What has been your favourite part of your learning?

Apart from your learning, what other things have you been doing?

What do you miss about school?

Has anything been difficult?


Success criteria

Capital letters and full stops. Challenge Can you organise your writing into paragraphs?

Fronted adverbials, don't forget a comma after the adverbial. ( Remember adverbials tell us where, when or how something is done.)

Accurate spelling of high frequency words and spelling patterns we have learnt. Don't forget you have a phonics card in your pack to help you.


Remember to check your writing carefully before you send it. I really look forward to hearing all about what you have been doing. I will reply to all your messages as soon as I can.


PE Dave has put a video on his page to help you develop your football skills.

Watch the video - it is really great! Grab a  ball, go outside and get practising!

Have fun!

Catch up time

If you have not done or finished any of the tasks from the week, now is a perfect time to get things done.


If you are finished already, decide what would be most helpful for you. You could:

Practise your new spelling sentences

Read a book

Do some handwriting practice.

Play a times tables game.



When you are finished, relax! Well done for working hard through the week. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

I will be adding more learning for next week.