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A message to you

Hello everyone,

We are almost at the end of our second week at home now. I have received lots more lovely examples of your work which I've continued to add to the class gallery. Looking through the pictures makes me feel proud- they all look so lovely!

On Wednesday evening, unfortunately, our boiler broke down! Bosun didn't mind though as we lit our fire in the lounge which he enjoyed sitting next to. There's a picture of him for you to see. For most of yesterday, we stayed together in the lounge near the fire as it was the only warm place in the house! Luckily, the plumber came later in the afternoon to do a temporary fix so we have hot water and heating again! He will be coming back next week to replace a part.


Before dinner, we all went for a walk from our house. We followed a different path and I was amazed to come across a large solar farm I never knew was there. I was fascinated to learn a few facts about it:

It produces enough electricity to power almost 2000 homes.

The electricity produced will prevent about 73000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere over its lifetime.

If 3% of the Sahara desert was covered in solar panels, enough electricity to supply the whole world would be produced.


Megan cooked tea last night. She made a tasty stir fry for us all. Have you been helping cook any of your meals at home? It might be something you could do in the Easter break.

At 8 pm, I went out onto my doorstep to join in with the applause for the NHS staff. I could hear loads of people clapping and a few sirens and horns too. What a great way to show our appreciation. Did any of you join in too?


Have a good day today. It is your last day of lessons for a while although I will continue to post messages and put some challenges for you to complete in the holidays.

 I'm  looking forward to seeing your newspaper reports later.

Love from Mrs Bird x

Message from Mrs Lambert


Happy Friday Class 3! 😁


I hope you’ve all enjoyed the learning tasks this week. Thank you to those of you who completed the RE - the crosses look fantastic!

I have really enjoyed reading your emails and seeing the fabulous work you’ve been doing! 

I hope you have a good break now and enjoy the little activities Mrs Bird has planned for you. I will pop an Easter recipe on for you to do at home if you have the ingredients. 👩‍🍳 

I will continue to message from time to time through the holidays with my puzzle updates. Some of you have told me how much you enjoy them and Maia sent me a picture of a wolf one she is doing with her family - thanks Maia 😊!

🧩 Puzzle update - I completed the springtime thatch cottage - the garden was quite tricky as there were so many flowers 💐. 

I am starting a Victorian painting now - another spring scene with lambs. I have seen a lot of lambs in the fields when I go on my cycle rides. Have you seen any? 

Love from

Mrs Lambert