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Friday 15th May


Can I write a diary entry?

Today I would like you to write a diary as if you are Howard Carter entering Tutankhamun's  burial chamber. 

Below is a success criteria and some vocabulary to help you with the task.


So it is Friday problems today. I have used the ones on the bbc bitesize page. These get gradually more challenging as you go through them and are written for all ages. Work through as far as you can.

On question 4 you need to know that 1L = 1000ml.

We have not learnt about angles so I would not expect you do be able to do question 5. 


The answers are saved as well so you can mark your own work. I hope you enjoy doing these today.


These are your sentences for your test this week:

 Asking questions improves your comprehension. 

The class needed supervision to write their conclusion.

They carefully planned the position of their new extension. 

These are your sentences for next week's test:


The musician got permission to get his next injection.

He tried many professions including an electrician, a mathematician, a politician and a magician.

Occasionally, a difficult decision has to made to avoid confusion.



Go to the Sport and Active learning page where PE Dave has added his latest video. There are also 2 challenges. The creative challenge is to build an obstacle course.